Have you ever been interested in a H bag that you're no longer interested in now?

  1. Like the title said, have you?

    I know I have. I used to have the fuchsia ostrich Trim 31cm (or 27cm) on my to-get list, and now it's been scratched off. I still find it to be a beautiful bag but for me, it's not practical. For some strange reasons, shoulder bags ALWAYS slip off my shoulder and I find myself leaning my body to one side in order to keep that from happening. It just seems silly for me to adjust myself for a bag ... I also found it frustrating that I cannot carry a Trim if I'm wearing multiple layers of clothes ... So after much thought, I scratched it off the list.

    I have come to the conclusion that I'm much more suited for handheld bags and messenger bags. It's also for that same reason that I didn't end up buying the pink BV Ball Bag and Veneta Bag.

    Has anyone had similar experience with other styles of H bags?
  2. Kabana: Had one in Raisin CdC but it is more of a shoulder bag and I can't do shoulder bags anymore b/c of nagging neck pains. My shoulders slope too much so they fall off anyway! The capacity is similar to a Birkin 35 but I felt that the shoulder straps were too thin, so I felt the proportion was a bit off. Beautiful color/leather, though.

    Amelie: ~$900 for a money belt-type of bag? Nah, don't think so. I'll wait for one on eBay.

    Trim: While I've always loved the style, I can't do shoulder bags anymore.

    Evelyne: Love it just as much as the Trim but don't like the canvas straps. I wear coats often and don't like how they ride up when I wear it messenger-style.
  3. Oh, Kou - this happened to me a lot on my way to learning my H style! Oddly enough, I "had" to have an Evelyne GM (in the sunniest yellow color), despite my love for tiny, mini bags and a mini Trim (it was the cutest thing I ever saw in vert anis chevre with palladium h/w), despite my preference for hand-held bags. Now I know better and stick to what I love!
  4. I think I'm the opposite of you :biggrin: I love shoulder bags, as I'm only 22 and still feel I'm not mature enough to carry really nice handbags like Birkins and Kellys, as I tend to put down and leave anything I carry by hand (which I know sounds awful, and I doubt I would ever ever do that with a birkin, but it's best to be on the safe side for a while!)

    I thought for a while that a birkin would be wonderful to have, but now I've settled on getting a 31cm Trim first by this summer, since it's a lovely, perfect shoulder bag for me, and if I'm ready later on this year, I'll buy a Bolide (though I'm not sure what size) around Christmas or just after :yahoo: I figured I'd start small and work my way up, given my age ^_^

    Also, I always thought it would be nice to have an ostrich or other interesting leather for a handbag, but now I think I much prefer more normal looking leathers. I think the more exotic materials are meant for people who have really earned them through life experiences, hard work and such, so I shall wait until get older for them :yes: But that's just my thought ^^ To elaborate, I think buying Hermes should be a gradual process for me, one in which I want to be able to really look forward to when I'm in my late 20's to my 30's being able to purchase my first exotic leather bag, after holding down a good job, settling into a nice house, etc. If I bought exotic leather now, I would feel like it was too easy, and that I have nothing to look forward to later!! :shame:
  5. Unfortunately, it always goes in the opposite direction for me - nothing ever comes off my wish list, stuff just gets added on to it. This is great for my wardrobe (and hopefully for my SA) - and I am thrilled that I have really fantastic bags - but not so great for my bank account!
  6. HAd to have a Bearn wallet and now I'd rather concentrate on bags for awhile.
    Oh, with the Evelyne, I HAD to have it, then I kind of got over it and now I have to have it again and know it will fill a distinct hole in my collection. :smile:
  7. I'm the same way, Greentea! I considered a wallet for a while but now i'm also focused just on bags. I also know I must have an Evelyne, I think it'll be the MOST practical H bag I ever get :yes:

    Happy bday, btw!!!:yahoo:
  8. Yes:

    Plume: It just seems too boxy now.

    Paris Bombay: After seeing it in person it was just too oddly shaped for me.

    Bolide: I was really wanting to get one of these but after getting my Christine yesterday I realized that I really wouldn't use it that much so it would be a waste to buy it.

    Trim and Evelyn: I like the Christine better.

    Birkin: I hate to say it but after seeing one in person and holding it I realized it was just not right for me, I am a Kelly girl at heart.
  9. Evelyne: I'm really not a fan of the canvas straps either.

    Birkin: I HAD to have one in vert anis one time and I realized, it just wasn't my color even though it was TRULY stunning (I still have it, except I hardly use it).

    Sac En V: I should have stuck with the Plume, it is just way too structured for me, especially the bottom of the bag.
  10. Oh yeah - I used to really want a Plume and now I'm much more of a Bolide gal. :smile:

    Thanks, Kou!!
  11. Same thing with Plume as well. After seeing it in fuchsia ostrich, while it is stunning, it just doesn't work on me. I prefer Plume Elan now, I just wish the Elan has feet ...
  12. JPG-was on my wishlist forever but then realized it would totally overwhelm me at my height.
  13. I thought I wanted a plume and a birkin. But after trying the Kelly, I had moved birkin to the bottom of the list and no longer want a plume :smile:
  14. crocodile jpg.. i wanted one so badly.. i went through hell getting one from Malaysia and then i realised its not practical..especially in crocodile since crocodile leather is not soft and it cant just fit under my arms!!

    ALSO!! blue roi color.. i fell inlove with the color at first but then i got sick of it.. maybe because my jpg croc is a BIG bag so the color is overwhelming hehe.. now i would love to have a blue jean croc birkin.. and now i know that i'm a birkin girl!!
  15. I used to dream about the JPG..... but have now accepted that it would be far to big for me.