have you ever been in love w/a bag on others, but when you get it...

  1. you aren't so sure? i LOVE the azur speedy- really love it- but i went to wear it w/a white top and i just didn't love it anymore. any colored spring top- boy it looks so pretty, but w/white... not so much. and i like to wear white in the spring/summer. now i don't know what to do- just buy a cute fun summer bag (non lv) or keep the azur- and hope to fall in love? ever happen to you??? help!!!
  2. Yes, I love the Black MC noe but it just looks horrible on me, same with the Baggy GM. I am just too short to pull off some of these bags. Oh well...
  3. Yes. The same happened to me and the Damier speedy. It looked good on others, but on me, and the clothes I like to wear - sometimes but not always.

    I'm debating sending it to my mom for mother's day.
  4. Hmm...I don't own this, but the speedy 30. I don't really go for handhelds, but when I tried it on for fun, it looked like luggage to me. Although I find myself gravitating towards larger bags, I just didn't think it looked right.

    But it looks great on other people.
  5. i have that same love/hate relationship with azur.

    i think it's really pretty but my wardrobe is so colourful and bright, it just doesn't go.
  6. Yes, MC alma. But function is part of it too.
  7. Yes, the Noe. Love it on everyone else, but I didn't love it on me.
  8. Oh- this was the case of the Hampstead MM for me- I got it in from Fedex- ripped the box open- and was sooooo disappointed by the pointed corners at the bottom of the bag! But it's great as a base- but too pointy for me............and it was soooo my size too!!!! argh. :sad:
  9. This has happened to me with the speedy 30. I LOVE it on others and want one - but when I go in the store and actually pick it up I hate it on me! I would keep the azur if you truly love it and not worry about it going well with white. You saved up so hard for that bag! Give it some more time unless you think you're never going to use it at all.
  10. Yeah I could see how white on its own wouldnt make the bag pop. Perhaps wearing something indigo/navy with your white top will make the blue stand out on the bag :smile:

  11. MC NOE is huge on me.I also want the mONo speedy30 but everytime i see it iRL it's too plain for me and boring ..IMO
  12. This EXACT same thing happened to me with my Damier Azur speedy 30. I'm hoping I'll fall for it. I love seeing it on others in photos, but never saw it IRL til it arrived and was not as impressed. Hope I fall for it and hope you do too!