Have you ever been HATED on??...

  1. ...whether it be your looks, or on judgment or etc etc etc...:confused1:

    On the night of my bday my bf and I were driving to our dinner reservation. BF was driving my new Benz while I was in the passenger still trying to get ready...and glue on some eyelashes..haha We were driving speed limit and all was going well...until this big raised pickup truck swerved into our lane and cut us off (no warning, no signal lights) he just came right in front of us with very limited space and warning!

    So...instinctively my BF changed to the next lane over to avoid hitting him or causing any crazy braking action. (this is for everyones good..right?)

    The guy in the truck saw that we switched lanes...(mind you, at this time I didn't think nething was wrong..) He is now in the lane to the right of us and all of a sudden I hear yelling from him!

    His Words...Quoted: *What! just cause you drive a Benz you think your too good for anything?? What! I can't come in front of your NICEEEEE Car?! Don't think you're all that in that car? DAYAM ASIANS!! CURSE CURSE CURSE** :wtf:

    Uhm...did I miss something here?? :shrugs: What was his deal?? I was so caught off guard I didn't know how to react...and it was a bit scary b/c it was a local 2lane road...and when he was yelling at us...he slowed down and drove right by us!...which meant his driver side was next to ME..since i was passenger of my car. The whole time..I was thinking...HUH? What's goin on?

    Left sucha bitter taste in my mouth..and right before celebrating my bday too!! Insulted on my car, driving and being Asian...all in one short episode.

  2. Aww, that really urks me that people are so jealous and they take it out that way. I've had my share of being hated on. Sometimes it hurts, but sometimes I think it really is because of JEALOUSY.

    BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :party:
  3. Sorry that happened. Happy Birthday.
  4. i'm asian! but i've never been discriminated against unless it was some stupid man trying to hit on me and i ignored him. the worst i think was something referring to me as chink :cursing: and coming from someone whose white; really pissed me off too.

    don't let it get to you! he's just probably jealous like others have said and i hate, hate it when people cut without lights! it's almost like he wanted you to hit him because you were driving a benz.

    happy belated birthday!
  5. ah babe, it is 100% jealousy. This guy is never going to be able to drive a car that you are driving, and is just trying to take a cheap shot at you.

    Please do not let this completely pointless individual take up one more moment of your time.

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday, regardless of this utter idiot :smile:
  6. The world is full of crazies... sorry you had to come across one on your bday!

    Hope it didn't ruin your day and Happy Birthday!

  7. Wow I'm sorry to hear that. My husband drives a 2007 MB S550 with a Lorinser kit & 22 inch rims & people literally pull him over to tell him how beautiful it is. People honk & go crazy when they see it. We were shocked, everyone loves his car! I'm pretty sure there are people who hate but they must do it behind his back. Before that he bought a 06 CLS & someone just keyed it up in front of his auto body shop so I guess there is a little bit of hate going on.

  8. Lorinser...:drool: :drool: (I hope u get to sneak his car out from him) haha

    That really sux...to take it to the next level and actually do physical damage .. grrr :cursing:
  9. there are bound to be ppl like that hope u didnt feel too bad..I'm Asian too and so far nothing has been said to my face but I do feel that sometimes women especially look at me a lot like the top down thing...which I hate..they probably think that I stole one of 'their' men as my DH is white...BUT, I just stare back mostly until they look away..OR perhaps they're wondering if my bag was fake...LOL
  10. Yea girl, I could drive it if I want but I'm worried about messing it up some how. The car is really big I drove it once but I was paranoid. The CLS was more my size but the S550 is waaay better. My husband is pretty pissed about the CLS. It's not his anymore. He sold it to one of his friends so now he needs to fix for him.
  11. Unfotunately there are always "haters" out there. All you can do is shake it off and go about your merry way. I've been in a similar situation and it was devastating but in the end I really just felt sorry for them. I don't know what state of mind you have to be in to out-right insult others that really have done nothing to you. The world is filled with a lot of bad, but also a whole lot of good.

    Hope the rest of your Bday was spectacular, as you sounded like you were riding in style and headed to a great restaurant :yes:.
  12. What an idiot that guy must have been, geeze. He was probably just jealous!

    Happy Birthday
  13. Sorry this happened, and even on your birthday. Anymore, you never know what idiots out on the roads are going to do. There are so many crazy drivers nowadays.
  14. Serious...The RoadRaged drivers I encounter here in SoCali....gosh.... real scary!

    Remember the news...way bak when...bout the guy who was roadraged at a lady...came out of his car and went over to her and threw her doggie out on the road?@! sheeeesh. (forgot which state this happened exactly)

    i guess..best thing to do when we encounter haters is to just avoid them altogether. Who knows what stupid things they may do to u.
  15. Oh, sure, all my life. But I am fortunate in that I was born with an innate Zora Neale Hurston attitude about it. Here is what she says:

    Sometimes I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can anyone deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It's beyond me.