Have you ever been happy with a bag that you had no idea what placement you got?

  1. Haha, I win for longest thread title ;) Sorry if the wording is awkward-- didn't know how to put it!

    I'm debating whether to get an Adios Star Mamma Mia from Tobi. I think with a coupon code it would come to $110 & I really really want a Mamma Mia since Pulse won't have any for their last collections and the outlets seem to be having less and less. However, with Adios Star, your placement is really hit or miss. You either get the characters you want or not. :sad: What would you do? I'm slightly worried with my Pirata Caramella & Zucca, 'cause I've heard people had bad experiences with Karmaloop (ie making a request & not having it fulfilled) and with the limited # of Zuccas the outlet's getting, I seriously don't know what my chances are of getting a good one.

    Out of all the bags I've purchased thus far :p, I've handpicked (basically) each & every one.
    L'Amore Gioco - evilBay :smile:
    Paradiso Dolce - Diane helped me get the one I wanted (though the characters I wanted ended up on the backside :sweatdrop:)
    Inferno Bella - Diane got me the best bella ever! (Like no heads cut off on the zipper side & pink ipod girl, who I knew nothing of when I bought it)
    Spiaggia Bambinone - Casey got me the best bambinone ever if you like the unicorn :love:
    Camo Black Bambino, Citta Rosa BV, Playground Bella - got to see these all on LJ so I didn't have to worry about being stuck with a bad print.
  2. I ordered my L'Amore Stellina from macys.com and totally love the placement! I've watched eBay for weeks before and after and haven't seen one with placement that I like better than mine. So, it could work out for you too - good luck!
  3. That's a hard one, because print placement is so crucial to most of us...

    The closest I've gotten to it is the time I bought a Foresta BV and got sent one with different placement than the one shown on the listing. After contacting the seller, they said they use a stock photo (which wasn't clarified on the listing) and they're sorry and they'd refund my money or give me some $ back. I ended up still liking the placement of what they sent me so I got a partial refun.

    Other than that, there are some things I've ordered from the SH outlet but at least I got characters I want on them... and knowing what characters you got, you can kind of visualize what your bag will look like.

    But you're right about the AS print, it's definitely hit or miss... Do they have a return policy? The MM is definitely a cute bag.
  4. yes...my very first bag! foresta trenino...but back then i was just so happy to even be owning one..but once i started analyzing my bag real good...i realized it was perfect cuz it had everything that i wanted! n also..i bought a paradiso zucca on lesportsac site n got everything that i wanted too!
  5. I've gotten all my bags online. I wasn't really aware of print placement when I started buying them. I love the placement on my Amore Campeggio [macys.com] because it's got Adios and Ciao Ciao all over the front. I love the placement of my Citta Gioco [lesportac.com] because it's got Bastardino and Polpettina on it twice at least, and I the girls aren't cut off. I am the least happy with the placement of my Inferno Dolce [lesportsac.com], even though I like that whole print.. so you might end up with a good one. Or you could buy a few and only keep the one you like maybe?
  6. I've ordered sight-unseen from Macys.com and Nordstrom.com. But I ordered several of each bag hoping to find the one I wanted and returned the rest. It's a lot easier to return to an actual Macy's or Nordstrom store than to ship back to Lesportsac.com.
  7. i ordered an adios star gioco from karmaloop about a month ago because of the discount code. it was horrible, horrible, horrible! no characters except the baby's butt and JUST THE BABY'S BUTT! gah!
  8. i ordered my inferno zucca from SH, without specifying placement, but i was surprisingly happy with the one i got--even if it was from you-know-who :censor:--it had the blue devil, adios, watermelon guy, and the italian chef.
  9. My citta rosa scuola was a gift from my husband and my first bag. I lucked out because it's pretty perfect (IMO anyway) it has clouds and planes on the top flap and the street and stuff on the bottom.
  10. I've been pretty lucky so far with my bags. But I guess it helps that I'm not so picky when it comes to specific characters. I just ask that very few characters are cut off.
  11. My first bag...my citta rosa bella...I did go to the store but I didn't know that the prints were all different so I just got the first one I saw. It's OK though, i love my bag lol...now, I probably wouldn't buy a bag without seeing it or have it described to me though, just how it goes. Unless it were a gift...then i'd love it no matter what, because I was told to be happy with what you got cuz the person didn't have to give you shet...but yeahh it's kinda different if you're buying it and taking a chance lmfao.
  12. I bought several Inferno bags from Shampton outlet and I like all of them. I think it depends on the print too. My husband picked out the Spiaggia Mamma Mia for me with help from the SA at the Lesportsac store in Vegas. That print has so many colors and different scenes that you really need to pick out the portion that you like.
  13. if you have a discount code and the store has a good return policy, i'd say to go ahead and try it. i ordered my pirata zucca sight unseen from lesportsac and it's just fine. the rest of my bags were purchased from eBay where i hand-picked them based on print placement. i ordered two adios star zuccas from two different stores and ended up sending both back. like woah dinosaurs, i got the baby's butt and not much else. ewww.
  14. I don't think I've ever purchased a tokidoki bag online or w/o seeing it actually. I've debated it but I haven't done it and it helps that I have a lot of malls around me that sell tokidoki and go on sale sometimes. In the event that I came across a REALLY cheap bag that I REALLY wanted I'd get it... if it wasn't the placement I wanted no sweat I'm the type of person that would keep it then switch it when I did find the one I loved :sweatdrop: kind of sneaky :sneaky: but I think it's :okay: if you don't use either bag until you make the switch.
  15. I called in an order for Southhampton, and while on the phone decided to add an Inferno Mamma Mia. I didn't make any requests as far as placement, and i LOVE the bag I got. But it helps that it's a style that has large areas of print, I doubt I'd do the same for something like a bella or canguro.