Have You Ever Been Fired ?

  1. Have You Ever Been Fired ? What Was The Reason ?
  2. Nope, not yet and I hope it stays that way.
  3. Never...I'll quit a job if I feel the burnout approaching. Never been laid off because I'm a nurse and there's tons of jobs.
  4. i wish i were laid off last fall... the compensation pkg was great! unfortunately i am still here... and looking for a new job.
  5. I've never been fired, I quit two jobs due to stress though.
  6. nopes.

    but i;ve quit 2 jobs.
  7. never worked, so no....
  8. When I was in college I stopped going to a job because my manager would go out back and smoke marijuana all day. When I realized what he was doing, i confronted him about it and he laughed it off. After a week of me not showing up or returning his calls, he left a voicemail saying i was fired.
  9. No, but my husband was in the fall of 2004. He was a programmer at a company that made video games, and they hadn't had any new contracts for about 1.5 years. He'd just started grad school that fall and was intending to quit around Christmas, but they fired him first.
    It was a shock, and even though the company has gone under since, it was still embarassing for him.
  10. I guess technically I was... I was one of a bunch of people let go throughout my company because they were making changes. I wasn't downsized, they just moved a whole bunch of jobs to another part of the country and I did not want to go there. I think the corporate phrase they used for us was something along the lines of "... those adversely affected by the transition."

    Whatever... I got a big severance package and was still able to collect unemployment and I was ready for a change anyway. One of these days I will start looking for a job again, if only to fund my purse obsession!
  11. This has been happening to so many people. A friend of mine took a transfer and will take early retirement any month now. Sorry this happened to you. When you find a new job I hope its one you love!
  12. i got fired from a job at hollywood video in college. i wanted christmas off so i could see my family, my manager said if i couldn't be a team player there wasn't a job for me anymore. i had already put in a bunch of applications at other places because it was such a horrible work enviroment...i think that might have had something to do with it. when i was home on break one of the other places called and offered me a job so it all worked out fabulously. :smile:
  13. I am lucky not to be fired, but I have been turned down for 2 jobs I applied for. Ultimately, I think I ended up in the best place for me.
  14. same here.
  15. I was "wrongfully terminated." had to sue for my contract and won.