Have you ever been fired? Share your experience!


Aug 20, 2006
Hi all,

Although I have not (touch wood!), this question is always at the back of my mind especially if I made stupid mistakes at work...

anyone care to share? or maybe you knew someone who was ?

1. Did you know you were going to be fired? i.e. like a feeling?

2. What was the reason?

May 8, 2007
I was nearly fired once. I had asked someone to take over my station at work and a couple of things went wrong while i was out having a ciggie. Unfortunately they had spot checked me that day and recorded it. They didnt believe me when i said it wasnt me and there was a big meeting and they said they would get back to me. I was close to one of the managers and they informed me that i was going to get fired the next day so advised me to hand in my notice right away. So thats how i got round it but it was so embarrassing.


Oct 18, 2006
Waaaaaaaaay back when when I was just a teen I worked at an ice cream shop. One night when I was closing the store I was in such a hurry to get out of there that I flipped the freezer switch to off along with the lights. The next morning when I reported in for work ALL the ice cream had melted. The store manager was so angry that she fired me on the spot.
I got a call a day or so later from their corporate office explaining that I was not fired and that they understood it was a mistake/accident. I was so embarrassed that I did not go back.
The end.


May 16, 2006
I have been fired once. I was working at an after school child care center in Maryland and we were on our Christmas break. The day we were supposed to go back to school (Jan 3.) I got a call from my supervisor stating that she had to "terminate" my contract. I asked her repeatedly why, and she refused to tell me and stated that by law they don't not have to tell you the reason for termination in Maryland. ...Needless to say, they did this right before I was getting ready to go to work. I was so angry.

I had no idea that this was coming. The kids loved me and we always had a good time together. I never received any warnings from my boss and there were nevery any complaints (that I know of) written about me.

We did have a problem with one parent, who was so fussy and bi#$^ that she ended up getting one of our girls' fired - but this was in the beginning of the year. She flipped out at me and my other female coworker one day and we didn't know what to do....I'm thinking she somehow got me fired.

...I'm glad I'm out of that place! I was very upset in the beginning, because I loved my job and I loved the kids there - but after realising how stupid they were (I was not allowed to go to the school to drop off my thank you notes for the kids that I had written since they gave me christmas gifts) because I had to stay off of SACC (the company I worked for in the county) grounds (which was the cafeteria of the school). So...yah :sad:


Nov 29, 2006
No I have never been (knock on wood) but there have been occassions where I had really mean bosses that were just pushing buttons to try and make things go wrong. Maybe it was their plan for firing me or having me quit? But I always did my best, held good records (better than a lot who've been in my position) and left. If I didn't get the direct manager's reference, I always got the next one up.

I think you can get a feeling when work shouldn't be going a certain way. At first it was fun and I was doing really good, and then the feeling of just dreadfulness (and not the 'oh it's monday morning' kind).


Aug 8, 2006
yes, i was fired from a few jobs in my late teens to very early twenties. i never really took those jobs seriously, when it was time to buckle down and get serious about a career...i was valued by my employers

so yes, i've been fired, but not by any job of substance

there is always another job, learn from the experience


along for the ride
Apr 9, 2007
2 months ago, had a feeling, discrimination ( I had surgery to be able to have kids...). I did my job better than everyone else there. I even got along incredibly well with the biatch who fired me, I mean very well. Two people have quit since because they can't deal with her persecutory ways. Now I'm battling depression and our savings are almost gone....


So Po'
May 10, 2007
I've been fired. Lots.
It's always for the same reason: I mouth off to my bosses and/or customers.

Plain and simple, I just can't stand being spoken to like an idiot. I'm educated, I'm ambitious, and having breasts does not make me stupid or the butt of jokes, so don't talk to me like it does.

I don't regret it, I'd tell each and every one of them off again, in a second.

This is why I don't waitress anymore - I just wasn't cut out for all that abuse. :tdown: I will not take it.


Oh no she di-int!!
Jun 1, 2006
never been fired, but pretty darn close in a twisted way.

It was about 13-14 years ago (OK, dating myself). I was working at a company that was doing well, so I thought. turns out I and many others in this small group were kept out of the loop on real problems that were going on.

When it was too late, we were informed our (small) office was getting closed and that if I wanted to stay on board I woudl have to work half time for half pay PLUS commute 2 hours each way up to our manufacturing plant with no compensation for mileage/insurance, etc. Can you say effin' BS???

Thankfully I was not 'fired' per se and could leave that gig and collect unemployment for a few months until I made a (great!) career change.


Whatever U Like, TI
Feb 7, 2007
I worked at a HUGH corp, and was fired. I was so upset. It was because of attendence. I had a tubal pregnancy and had to be in the hospital. Got wrote up upson my return, then I was depressed behind it and was out, so when I came back I was on my 2nd step. Well I got a call saying my mom had a stroke, I left work. I came back and was placed on the final step..That meant if I walked wrong, I was out! They claim I had done something, and I was out. I am glad I am gone from the dwelling place of evil as I call it. I am so much happier now!