Have you ever been complimented on something you didn't like?

  1. Once, I was wearing this (IMO) HIDEOUS zip-up wool cardigan because I had nothing else that was relatively interesting and clean, but I three different people said they loved it :shrugs:
  2. (for some reason, the edit button went away) Anyone else have any interesting stories about when they didn't like something, but everyone else seemed to?
  3. Maybe your sense of fashion is superior to theirs. I have worn crap that is simply crap and when I do get compliments I think that their sense of fashion sucks. Fashion is not the way it use to be... Remember the years of the true supermodels: Linda Evangalista, Christina Turlington, Naomi (before she became a cell phone serial beater)? Late 90s. Fashion was totally in! Now, its bleh... I blame the grunge era. Things have never been the same since... No matter how hard some designers try.