Have you ever been called materialistic?

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  1. Has someone ever (directly or indirectly) called you materialistic or assumed that you were materialistic because of what you like, love, own, collect, etc.?
  2. All the time!!!! :lol: And i see no reason being materialistic on MYSELF. LOL
  3. All the time!!! Does not bother me at all...I have some friends that are NOT materialistic at all ...and then there is me...I LOVE MY "THINGS"...its just the shoppaholic in me..(and ALLL OF YOU!!!)
  4. yeah... do I care? not really.... it is my stuff.. i buy it with my own money so I don't care about other ppl's comments.. well, except bf of course, coz then we have a fight.. hehehe.
  5. No, but I've been called a 'snob' and a 'snob-maker' as in I make those around me into snobs. I could care less though. I've also been called an art snob and a literature snob...hmmm.
  6. all the damn time :yes:. but i don't care :blah:. if i like it, and can afford it, i get it :rochard:.
  7. Everyday.
  8. Exactly my thoughts. People call me materialistic all the time, but I could care less what they thought. If I like it, and can afford it, why not? I worked hard for my money and I'll spend it any way I like.
  9. Spoiled....yes....materialistic...no!! DO you think they are the same????
  10. Yes, but I am!!
  11. Yes, but not by people who know me well.
  12. i'm called materialistic by SO many people. i get called it all the time! but i dont care! i KNOW im super materialistic.. its all in good fun and i loves it. its hawt!
  13. A couple times, yes. I don't really care though, those who have called me it don't know me well.
  14. Um, I seriously don't pay attention to people, so I have no idea!!
    I know my bf thinks I'm spoiled hehe ;) and that's a compliment!! hahaha
  15. yes and i will say to my husband in front of other ppl couples, that I am much more high-maintenance then so and so.