Have you ever been BURNED by ebay?

  1. Just wondering how many of you have unknowingly bought fakes on ebay or elsewhere. If so, what did you buy and how much did you spend? What was the outcome?

    I bought a fake fendi on ebay last year (paid $700:mad: ) and assumed it was real. The worst thing about it is that I even left positive feedback:cry: :cry: for the seller! :sick:

    Thank goodness for this forum, or I might still be buying fakes!!
  2. Yes I have. When I first started becoming obssesed with LV, I bought a Looping on Ebay and I got a fake :rant: I paid around $300. I filed a claim but I didn't end up getting my $$ back. I used paypal, but the seller didn't have enough $$ in their account, so paypal wouldn't refund me. I didn't know much about paypal or ebay then. I'm still mad when I think about it :mad:
  3. Yes! I believe I have been taken by a seller years ago! I bought a Prada bag from a seller by the name of Catz521 for $350 (Style BR0701- and back then, the bags sold for $500 or $800 at most retail). It came with everything (authenticity cards, sleeper, the works) and everything looked fabulous. I unwittingly thought that she had several that she acquired "grey market" - you know the ones that are slightly defective. I loved it ,but then a strap broke, and the seller immediately sent me another one. Rather than raising a red flag, I just thought- wow- excellent customer service. Did not even dawn on me that it could be fake.

    Now, many years later, I had it authenticated by a fellow PF member who quickly pointed out that the inside plaque was ever so slightly crooked. I immeidately compared it to my other prada bags that I bought from NM, and yep- sure enough it was crooked. Everything else looked identical to my other prada bags- especially the lining and prada plaque.

    So, I have decided just to give this bag away. But now I am completely paranoid about buying a handbag from ebay!
  4. yup...long time ago before i found pf...fake lv vavin pm...lost almost $400 on it....grrrr!! and i didn't know anything about filinf claims through ebay so i had to consider it a hard-learned lesson =(
  5. I bought a cerises speedy for 500 bucks. I got my money back, but was embarrassed just the same. I carried it all over NYC!!
  6. Yup, bought a LV ALMA, Jewelry from "Tiffanys", some Seven Jeans, and a belt. Hundreds gone down the toilet. I never claimed anything because I didn't know better then.

    Like I said over and over again, I can't wait to see how this case goes between Tiffany & Co vs. Ebay! I think it might be the end of Ebay. And that might not be a bad thing!!
  7. OMG! i haven't had the pleasure or horror (!) of purchasing from ebay yet! these experiences are terrible. it's making me think twice now of just even looking.....
  8. Years ago I purchased a fake LV pic's looked great but when I received the bag I it was fake. A day after I purchased I learned that ebay had been investigating this seller for fraud and a day before I paid the seller was no longer a registered user. I used Bidpay and at that time if a seller wasn't a registered ebay seller Bidpay wasn't supposed to release $. Well, just my luck, they did. So I contacted my credit card company and had to fight with Bidpay. I was pretty lucky because I lost some money but not all of it.
  9. I was burned, by a listing that was at one point listed on Ebay, but that I bought off Ebay (bad idea). It was listed as new and unused but arrived damaged, worn and I'm sure its fake. Its terrible to realize how rotten some people all, quite depressing! Now I rarely buy things on Ebay. I'm still pursuing getting a refund, and if I have to I'll sue. Seriously, who messes with a fashion-obsessed attorney? :devil:
  10. Always use PayPal when buying on Ebay and you'll never get burned.
  11. That's not true. You may want to check this out: http://www.paypalsucks.com/ (Mods, can I post links to other sites? Sorry, if this is not allowed. Feel free to delete)

    I didn't get my $$ back and I used paypal :mad:
  12. yep completely agree, Paypal offers NO protection.l They are the lowest of the low in my opinion. Its disorganised chaos within ebay :sad: and try to get hold of anybody ever on the telephone! never gonna happen. No other company would get away with what ebay get away with.
  13. Thanks for that link and the warning.
  14. Gosh, I never realised Paypal could be so dangerous!!! Now I'm really nervous to keep using their service... The internet really needs to have some more stringent laws. You can do so many things online these days that are just downright illegal in real life. :sad:
  15. You are welcome :amuse: