Have you ever been accused of carrying a fake?

  1. I was in line at the drug store today and this guy said he liked my bag then touched it and asked if it was real:wtf:. I said yes and he said "oh, because the LV's are upside down". I was so mortified that he had the nerve to ask if it was real, touch it and then basically tell me it was fake because the LV's are upside down. I told him it was like that because it was one continuous piece of canvas. He wispered to his friend about the canvas and I just turned back around. I was angry because I felt like he was certain that it was fake and there was nothing that I could do to prove him worng. I know I should not be worried about it, but it was like being wrongly accused. BTW, it was a speedy 30 that I just got from elux.
  2. No, never happened to me. But I will get really nasty should it ever happen.
  3. No, not yet anyway.
  4. Just let his comments roll of your back. It's happened me a few times and I just shrug off. They can think what they like because I know the truth.
  5. I got that comment one time about my lv's being upside down on my PH. I don't know why that particular element seems to register with people who are trying to figure out if a bag is real. My dentist's receptionist said she had always heard ANY upside down lv's signal fake. If they would just visit this forum once, they would figure it out. It is very annoying, but at least we know our bags are real.:supacool:
  6. i'm amazed that a guy even noticed your bag!
  7. never got any rude comments like that. but just ignore it. even if you explain it to them, they won't understand. :smile:
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Me too!!;)

    you know the truth!!if He can't understand that you carry a real Lv is beacuse he has no idea of what a real vuitton is!!
    there is no comparison between a real and a fake!!

    don't worry!:flowers:
  10. i've never been accused of carrying a fake but i have been questioned as to whether or not my bag is real. not sure why people ask but i just say yes. although one time one girl asked me if my bag was an "original" or a "new-yorker". i had no idea fakes were called "new-yorkers". hahaha....
  11. yup... the first time i carried my MC speedy, which was about 2 1/2 years ago, now... this lady was like where did you get your bag? and i said how i had to order it because i don't live in a city with a LV store, and she was like, "oh, LV just can't hold on to any of their styles anymore"
  12. I have never been accused of carrying a fake bag (YET!) Funny, but true, I always carry ALL my LV receipts in my wallet just in case somebody questions the authenticity of my bag.
  13. I was shocked too. He was an average looking thirty something guy in some type of uniform (painter or landscaper). He and his friend were talking like they knew about LV bags. I just assumed maybe his SO or someone he knew had one.
  14. Wow, that's etreme...lol.

    I haven't, but if I did, I would just let it go, you know the truth after all.
  15. Ok, let me start off by saying that I have only had my bag for 1 day and so no one has accused me yet. I had done alot of research and I wanted to just purchase a replica/mirror/"new yorker", but i eventually decided against it because i didn't want anyone to ask me.

    I decided to purchase an "original" from eluxury, because i wanted myself to know that it wasn't fake, so i don't really care what anyone else thinks....i have proof!