Have you ever asked a stranger whose carrying COACH if they tPF?

  1. I've done it several times and so far no one has heard of us!?!

    Tonight I was in Homegoods at the register, turned around and noticed a lady carrying a White Ali. So I commented on how nice it looked and asked her if she was a member of tPF. (Based on her expression, she must have noticed my 3rd eye!):wtf:

    For the life of me I couldn't remember the actual site name. So I told her what it was about and to GOOGLE it. She said that she would because it sounded like fun!

    Has anyone else ever asked this of a stranger?
  2. Really, I can spell. The title should read:

    Have you ever asked a stranger WHO'S carrying COACH if they tPF?
  3. No but I had someone ask me if I had heard of it and I hadn't and here I am now...ha ha.
  4. One of my manager is a huge coach fan and she always compliments my bags from across the store, i told her about it and she was so excited, she couldn't believe there was a place she could go and talk about it!!!!
  5. haha i havent done it, but i always see so many girls carrying carlys at my university and wondered if they are part of tpf, haha but i would be too embarassed to ask and then find out they have no clue what i'm talkin about.
  6. Yeah, it's a bit embarassing when you get the look!:confused1:
  7. I haven't asked anyone yet, but I'm always thinking about asking :yes:
  8. i have asked SA's at the boutique...while they hadn't
    heard of TPF they definately wanted to know more!!
  9. tpf= the purse forum...
    otherwise known as www.purseblog.com

    NO never asked but I am 1000% sure there is no one that lives near me.
  10. I haven't but I told a couple of my friends and they checked it out, joined and were in heaven! A forum all about bags. They couldn't get over it!
  11. Yeah, I've had people get excited too once they know it exists!:tup:
  12. My Coach SA's always want to know where I get all my info from! I tell them about tPF!
  13. I've never asked an SA, nor told them about tPF.
  14. I would probably start asking people if I ever saw people in the shopping area talking about the stores I go to... so far, I've heard of two people on here going to the same outlet I do. haha.
  15. No,I haven't but my hubby doesn't seem to mind asking women when he sees them carrying coach. LOL