Have you ever . . . and how did it turn out?

  1. Have you ever bought a bag for price alone? I bought this Bolzano messenger on eBay (seller's pic attached) for 1/3 retail and it's NWT. (I've never even seen a Bolzano bag in person....but I had them send me a catalog about 3 weeks ago.) My rationale was that if I hated it when it got here I didn't spend enough to be mad.

    Has anyone done this before (or am I the lonely fool hahah) and how did it turn out?
  2. I would only do that if the bag has excellent re-sale value.

    Otherwise...No. I only buy something I really like.
  3. Oh I like the bag! :lol: I just have never seen any of these bags IRL so I know nothing of the quality, etc.
  4. I bought a Chloe on ridiculous markdown at Nordstrom once, but in the end I loved the deal more than I loved the bag so I returned it. I guess I could have sold it for a profit, but it didn't seem worthwhile.
  5. I was just thinking, in the other thread, about how I did this with a couple of MJ bags I found at Nordstrom Rack. They weren't styles I loved and they were cheap for MJ but too expensive to sell at a profit anywhere else. Yet somehow I had to have them. Oh well. Lesson learned!
  6. Yeah, I just bought a Cole Haan at a ridiculous price, but also - the leather felt so good. But the price was what hooked me. Needless to say, I ignored that little voice that said "But it's a satchel! You can't fit it on your shoulder! What are you doing!?!?". The other little voice kept saying "But look at the price! How can you not buy this?"

    Needless to say, it was returned.

    I won't buy anything on eBay I'm not sure of, regardless of the price. I've been bitten more than once and finally learned my lesson -. The trouble with 'good prices' on eBay is that you might not like the bag, but it doesn't matter - if nobody's heard of it, you won't re-sell it on eBay very easily. I hope you love the Bolzana - it looks gorgeous!

  7. LOL! I dont even know how many times I've done that! It seems as if I had (and sometimes still have) a propensity to jump at a great deal, even though its on a bag thats totally not my type. I think because I knew that so many other women coveted and loved the particular bag I had bought, it kind of reinforced the idea for me that the bag was a great deal. Eventually I came to realize that when I bought bags based on price alone, it wasn't such a great deal for me because I didnt end up using the bags.
    Now, (although its hard) I try to buy "staple pieces" that are high in quality and are my kind of bag, which translates into top-notch leather, superb detailing, beautiful colors, and overall excellent quality.
  8. I just posted this very thing in the handbag mistake thread. That being said, sometimes I buy for the bargain and end up LOVING the bag and enjoying not only using the bag, but smilling every time I think of the great deal I got.

    One time, I bought a bag - I had never heard of the designer, but what a fabulous deal - ended up in love with the bag and now seek out the designer for other bags. So, that was a big score.

    One Bag At A Time.

    Hope you love this one!
  9. i like teh shape of the bag but something's not right about the sling :p

    i've bought some bags because i thought it's such a bargain, i regretted some though LOL
  10. There are times where you feel like ohh its such a good deal!

    Lol but I try to hold back on those moments unless I really need/wanted the bag, I have learned from my past! lol!

    I would rather save the money for something that I fall in love with!
  11. I found this bag at a thrift store and I just love it(I love bags no ones ever heard of) Really well made. BTW, the style is called an "Alisse" Messenger.
  12. This thread is 5 years old...
  13. I did this with a bag I wanted before but a colour I wasn't exactly thinking of. I love the bag, and the colour is growing on me. But it was such a deal I couldn't resist it.
  14. I did... I wanted a Paul Smith Swirl Stripe bag and a small bag in that design came on sale, I don't normally use small bags but I wanted the Swirl Stripe so much that I just went ahead and got it for the sale price... not long after the larger bag I really wanted also came on sale, so I bought that too, should have waited really but now I have 2 swirly stripey bags and I can't even remember the last time i used the small one!!