Have you ever added up how much you've spent at Hermes so far... or regret..

  1. Have you guys ever added up how much you have been spending at Hermes, and realize that it is a HUGE amount and regret some what?
    I added up how much I have been spending at Hermes within last about 10 months (about 10 months ago, my Hermes addiction started). I have been severely addicted to Hermes. It is indeed AMAZING amount. With that kind of money, I could of bought nice 2 bedroom condo or nice quality 4 carat Tiffany diamond ring!!!:yucky: :yucky: :yucky: Did I do something really terrible? May be you guys want to smack me... The sadest part is I still want more Hermes... I need to see psychologist or something. I am feeling very down after I saw the number on my calculator. Any thoughts, guys I am SO sad!:cry: :cry: But can I stop myself? I don't know!
  2. Don't be so hard on yourself! As long as you can afford it, then you should just enjoy! You have done nothing wrong, and nor should you feel even the slightest bit guilty. Besides, consider it an investment. Hermes bags go up in value over time. So good for you for planning for the future;)
  3. Yes!!!! I have done this and actually it scares me so I don't think about it anymore. I'm in "Hermes Denial" :angel:
  4. Yes and, since I buy a major H bag only every 1-3 years or so, I don't regret anything. :smile:
  5. Surely my recent purchase of Croc. Birkin did number on it. It boosted up the number by a big chunk. YEH!!! I finally got my first croc. Bikin(of course from Hermes):roflmfao::roflmfao: :roflmfao: :flowers: !!! I will make a thread to tell you guys a story and post pictures after I develope and put them in a CD. YES, I NEED digital camera so badly:blink: !
  6. Aspen????? WOW! One should never feel the slightest tinge of guilt about a croc Birkin!!!
    I'm dying to see pics!
  7. OMG! Aspen, I cannot wait to see your new Birkin! I bet its just GORGEOUS! So happy for you! Go and celebrate my dear!
  8. You guys are so sweet!
  9. WOW!:amazed: You go, aspen!! You were playing us there for a second! LOL...yes, I understand...I will probably aquire a total of three bags (birkin-got it, kelly, kelly) within one month or two!!:sick:
  10. But I really feel sad :cry: about how much I spent so far even though I am happy about my new croc. birkin. Thank you guys for nice comfort....:flowers:
  11. aspenmartial, just remember, you didn't spend all that money at once. i mean you didn't have the money for a 2 bedroom apt. all on one day and spend it... or did you? don't worry, either way it doesn't matter. imagine if you only wore $15 flipflops and never spent a dime on shoes - how much would you have saved? if you rode a bike and had no car/insurance/gas bills - how much would you have saved? my point is you can drive yourself crazy with the "what ifs". life costs money. if you have more, you have more to spend. if you're really worried about getting carried away, just make a list, and stick to it of bags you want and will get. try to be objective and make sure you're list isn't really an inventory of the entire hermes range. :biggrin:
  12. First, congratulations on the croc purchase. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!

    Now, FOCUS...you have so many gorgeous bags Aspen...maybe you should just take a moment and really think now. It might be time to take a break from Hermes for a bit. Life is not all about Hermes and buying handbags. If you feel other things are important as well, maybe you should shift gears just a bit.

    Reward yourself with a bag once a year or every few years now.

    Honestly, how many bags do you really need? We may joke about it, but it can be an addiction for some. Only you know...be careful and most importantly...BE SMART! I know you are.
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  13. Kellybag - i agree. :flowers:
  14. I totally agree!! Very sound and profound words!:flowers: :flowers: Yes, aspen..how MANY mo bags you gonna have, girl! Your collection is TDF!!:roflmfao: :yahoo: :rochard:
  15. We'll designate Kellybag as our official Hermes psychiatrist !!:king: We NEED one!!:angel: :flowers: