Have you done something new???

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  1. :nuts: Have you done something new-or tried to do something that you never thought you would be doing?:amazed:
    I just had my first guitar lesson this week:smile: . My 9 year son started guitar lessons about 3 months ago and said it would be cool:love: if Mom did it too. So now I takes lessons after him. The guitar teacher comes to the house.
    I had a really fun time. I never thought here I wouold be 40 something and trying to learn how to play a guitar. Just wanted to share.
    Hope others here have something interesting to share.:lol:
  2. well right now im taking a jewelry class, not beading but the metal work involved w/ jewelry... im not the kind of girl to normally work in shops or make things that she can buy but i am thourghly enjoying sawing, designing and soldering my pieces... who knows maybe it will become a life long hobby?
  3. I had my first surgery not too long ago :lol: Nothing else really new and exciting you though :sad:
  4. I learned how to ride a motorcyle and I'm in my early forties. I always wanted to learn but never did when I was younger. I've been riding for two years now. I have a Honda 750 Shadow and my husband has a Harley-Davison. I really wanted a Harley too but I did not fit on them. I am petite. My feet did not touch the ground which is pretty important when you come to a stop .... lol. The first time I rode in traffic I nearly threw up from nerves. I got over it!!! We have done several charity rides to raise money for the victims' families of 911. We're having a blast!!!
  5. Wow, you go girl! vroooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. I concur!!! Wow!!!!
  7. Thanks Greenie and SuLi!!!! I'll post a pic of me on my "hog" so you can check it out..... lol
  8. Pottery. A few years back I wanted to get back into doing some oil painting and was going to take a class .. DH protested that he didn't want paints and stuff all over the place. I was walking by a local art museum and they gave classes, and I saw pottery ... hm I could take pottery so i can paint the pots lol .. well I ended up really enjoying it and did for several years. Haven't done any recently since we moved last summer to Texas but I hope to continue on with it, I love working on the wheel :smile:

    Oh ps now we have clay AND paints around the place lol.
  9. a couple of months ago, i took a snowboarding lesson! i had so much fun, i can't wait to go back!!!
  10. A few months ago I started a purse website, and it seems to be doing well... lol...

    Seriously though, I realize in this thread that I've followed the good ol' SSDD concept way too long. I need something new to do.
  11. i love learning new languages, my first russian class is next week :nuts:
  12. *JJ* - Have you heard of Rosetta Stone?

    It's computer software (CBT) computer based training for languages.

    I just started the course on Italian. I went to Italy last summer and loved it so much I'm going back again in the fall. This time I want to be able to speak a little Italian.
  13. Here's a pic of me on my "hog" .... lol

  14. reminds me of a song....We gotta get out while we’re young
    `cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run (the boss)

    woohoo!!! you look great!!!
  15. playing Psychonauts on Xbox...haha.