have you considered.....????

  1. I know a lot of ladies here (and occasional gent) don't like LSS except for Tokidoki...but let me show you a bag i totally fell in love with...

    It feels like a tokidoki for lss bag in terms of quality (not like the cheaper regular lss bags), has the whole rainbow pink riri zipper and this super soft leather-like black and pink accents... It's like the HYBRID of a BELLA BELLA hobo and Cross-body bag with adjustable strap (ie. ciao ciao, campeggio, etc)... BEST NEWS??? it is originally ~$158 but u can get it for less than half price nowadays...i got mine on eBay for only $50!!!! i believe it's called "OC VIXEN"

    worn cross-body

    worn on one shoulder

    bella bella size vs. OC bag

    cute lining on inside with cell phone pocket and zipper pocket

    cute riri rainbow pink zipper
    leather like bottom- super soft!
    [​IMG] (pic courtesy of lonestar725 eBay)

    there are different prints and colors available in this bag style... Just wanted to show you gals something other than the usual.... i know lots of u like hobos and/or cross-body bags!
  2. That IS a cute bag! And for $50 too? Not bad :tup:
  3. The polka dots aren't very appealing, but the shape and inside lining is gorgeous!
  4. Wow, that is very cute for a non-Toki LSS bag. And a good price for the size of the bag.
  5. Oo:huh:o... cute!
  6. not too crazy about the giant swatch of leather on the sides..

    honestly the only lesportsac i've ever liked other than tokidoki is the L.A.M.B. collection..
  7. It's cute, but bit too big for me... it slouches too much, that would drive me nuts looking for stuff.

    I have three Non TD LSS bags... one is a leopard print tote I got free from an old job about 6 years back (we used to buy bags to sample for productions overseas... I hated that job), another is a handbag with cute swirly heart pattern (Stella) in browns, oranges and pinks all over and the third is a sweet tote in a woodland pattern (Enchanted) very 'Wind of the Willows'... got those two at Century 21.

    Very few other patterns appeal to me otherwise.
  8. Enchanted pattern rocks! :smile:
  9. that looks very cute on you in the photo. interesting that it has the multicolor zipper like the Tokis tho.
  10. I'm not a big fan of cross body bags, but it looks like it fits you well
    and its very cute :tup:

    a LLs print called Enchanted? i HAVE to look this up
  11. hmmm, after tokidoki, i am over with le sportsac. After tokidoki, my next fav prints are the harujuku lovers prints but i think i want to first get a coach purse, just a small one for special functions.
  12. wow!! that bag is soooo cute. i love it.
  13. Moofia...

    I LOVE this bag!!! What does the lining say? You said that they have them on eBay? Was it part of the OC collection? Sorry for all the questions but I have to get one!
  14. thats a cute bag and not a bad price too!!