Have you completed a sale outside eBay?

  1. Has anyone done this before?

    I was wondering if you get the same buyer/seller protection even if you used PayPal but do not go through eBay?
  2. i have, you don't get any buyer/seller protection at all.
  3. ^ Even if you pay through PayPal? I though PayPal had some sort of protection for any transaction that goes through them..?
  4. Yes i think you have Paypal protection as long as you ship to confirmed address
  5. I have but only with trusted eBay members and I did so knowing it was a risk. I think if you use Paypal AND ensure the address is confirmed, you are covered but of course you can't leave feedback, report NPB etc. I would be wary unless I had very good vibes about someone.
  6. I agree. But if for some reason you had issues with the person, would you be able to file a complaint with PayPal?
  7. i have also bought outside of eBay and the seller i deal with is the best. I have no problems with them whatsoever . I guess u need to think about it really well if that seller is trust worthy .
  8. I have purchased off eBay and I got scammed:sad:

    The only protection you get from Paypal is if the item does not show up at all.
  9. I would absolutely never do this.

    I personally feel that if a seller is unwilling to do business thru eBay and abide by the rules. Then something is wrong and they can not be trusted.

    Just my opinion!:girlsigh:
  10. Yes I have and it went smoothly without any problem or hassles. Just make sure the seller is a trusted Ebayer. Read the feedback carefully and trust your instincts. If you pay by paypal, I'm almost certain you get buyer protection.
  11. You are not protected very well. I would only do business with someone I had no question was not going to scam me. I have had several transactions as the buyer and the seller that were not on eBay and everything was fine every time. Just be really careful.
  12. I have purchased off of ebay, but mostly from people I know from a board, etc. Be very careful since you have limited recourse. If you decide to go thru with it, I suggest paying by cc via paypal. If the transaction goes sour, at least you can file a dispute with your cc company also. Good luck whatever you decide :smile:
  13. I buy and sell outside of ebay all the time, but only within another protected forum (not TPF). I have had over 150 transactions and I have never been "burned"...but we do have a mechanism for feedback within our group, so that definitely helps. Good luck!
  14. Yes - but she was a PFer and we'd built up trust discussing the lovely Muscade Paddy she was selling. It all went great:yahoo:

    To be honest though, I didn't give it any thought at the time, because of the relationship we'd built up in a short time. I wouldn't do it with someone I didn't know.
  15. I have done it twice with no problems...BUT they were sellers with high recommendations from tPF members!
    I wouldnt do with with a seller who I hadnt checked out thoroughly though.