Have you colored your Tutti?

  1. So I've heard a few rumors about people wanting to color in their Tutti, but I haven't seen the results! Anyone done it successfully? Unsuccessfully? Inquiring minds want to know and see pictures! :idea:
  2. i saw the one that simone did for someone here at SDCC but i'm too scared to try it :p
  3. I'm not going to color mine but that's because I like the black and white.
  4. I like the black and white too, but I could see myself getting some fabric pens and colouring a teeny part in....

    Of course I don't have tutti anyway, so I suppose it's moot.
  5. i want to color my tutti denaro, but only if Simone does it! :smile:
  6. I was thinking about getting a caramella or a porta in tutti - and if I do, I will color it for sure~ I'll have to scour NYC when I go on Wednesday :yes: I'll be sure to post pictures if I get one and color it!!
  7. eeek that was me! I would never color my tutti cause i like it the way it is too. but since simone did it himself, i was fine with it!

  8. lol i just noticed the dots on the cheeks :biggrin:

    i would trust my best friend to do it because she's good at art, but i'm sure i would just destroy it :sweatdrop:
  9. I don't know if the caramellas have come out on the mainland, but the SA at Ala Moana said they're expected to get them sometime after the 15th...
  10. Oh my gosh that is sooooo cute!!!! The tulip with the gold is adorable. I cant wait till he comes up here to the bay!
  11. OMG. too cute...lucky!!!!!!;)
  12. What a bummer, this computer won't show your picture & I wanna see :sad:
  13. I posted on another thread, but simone colored just one of the stars only gold. it looked really neat. He did that on a ciao. =)
  14. That's very cute Aileen!! You are lucky to have Simone color yours!! Did he autograph it too?

    IF I get a tutti bag with a great placement.. and IF a cute character is on the bottom right and side of the bag.. THEN I'll color it in to make it stand out! :nuts: To me, I think it'll look absolutely adorable! But it doesnt beat having Simone doing it for you! Hmmm I wonder if it was all a plan having tutti in black & white.. so more people will buy it and have Simone color it in??

    Nahhh.. he's popular enough.. he doesnt need it :biggrin: hahaha I'm talking to myself :dots:
  15. I bought a tutti portatelefono with mozzarella on the non mesh part. I want to color it in so badly, but I think I'll wait for a Simone signing :biggrin: I'm terrified of messing it up.