Have You Cheated.....With Who?

  1. Just curious....have you/do you cheat on LV? What brand do you typically go for when it's not LV??

    I haven't cheated yet...but my straying eye finds myself looking at Balenciaga and sometimes Chanel!
  2. Chanel....but I still love LV:graucho::heart:!!! LOL
  3. For me, I dont have the money to cheat around ha.

    But my mama cheats with birkins and spys from fendi.

    While my aunt, well she cheats with her beloved muse bags from YSL and with Hermes and Chanel.

    Go Asian relatives, whoop whoop!
  4. I have cheated with Gucci and Christian Dior.
  5. I have cheated with cheaper bags, like Guess and Jag but have sold them all - so I should be forgiven, right? :p Almost cheated with the Versace "Snap Out Of It" bag...but only 9 came to Australia and I missed out :sad: I guess I am meant to be loyal to LV :lol:
  6. YSL all the way. (Sometimes Gucci, but not so much lately...I haven't seen anything I love for a while from Gucci).
  7. Not yet but those Fendi Spy bags are starting to whisper to me.....
  8. I've cheated with Coach before. But I sold off most of my Coach to make room for more LV!! And I've been very tempted by the baby spy's!!
  9. I was never unfaithful to Louis!!:nogood:
  10. :sneaky::yes: ---> Fendi, CHANEL, Hermes and Balenciaga.
  11. GUCCI!! actually..I cheated on Gucci for LV cuz Gucci is my 1st Love, but I bought my first LV bag before a Gucci bag.
  12. I admit I have cheated... Gucci, Chloe, Fendi, Burberry.....:sneaky:
  13. I have not yet cheated, but I really like the Chanel classic tote!
  14. I cheated with Balenciaga and Gucci...and I'm eyeing Chanel...but sshhhh...don't tell Louie!
  15. I admit i have cheated with Chanel (sold my chanel ) and now buying Balenciaga