Have you "cheated" on Hermes?

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  1. I am obsessed with Hermes and equally obsessed with learning everything about it via this forum. However, I confess that I have bought other bags during this time (Chanel, Mulberry and now thinking about a LV,even though I know that Hermes is the ABSOLUTE best)... Am I the only cheating girl in this forum?:shame:
  2. I have been addicted to this forum while I await to buy my first Hermes. So of course, a girl has to occupy herself, right? I have bought MJ, Balenciaga and Chloe. I actually like having a variety, and look forward to adding Hermes to my line up!
  3. noooooo....I still have a Chanel Re-Issue (which I LOVE), a Chanel "Bolt" bag and my mothers very old LV 25 Mono Speedy. I must admit that Hermes has taken over but these other three bags have a place in my heart so they're here to stay.....

    and I might add that if I ever come across the large version of the Chanel "Bolt" bag, I'd snap it up in a hot second!
  4. Whewww, so it's just not me.... :roflmfao: Some of you ladies are so well versed in Hermes, that it's almost difficult to think you are buying non-Hermes bags!!
  5. of course i do. i love the variety even though nothing beats hermès i do love some other designs and i don´t see a single thing why to limit myself. oh and of course i do have a secret love affair with my jeweler since years as i am just not a fashion jewelry person so no hermès bangles :shame:
  6. HeeHeeHee, Lilach....I have a secret love affair too....with 18th Century Georgian Jewelery! I snap it up whenever I find anything in excellent condition! Very distinctive look to it....LOVE IT!
  7. You're not alone. I'm right now searching for lilac weekender & 03' red city. Recently, I acquire a Goyard. After looking at the Chanel fall winter collections on the Chanel forum, I'm even considering on buying this violet purple croc bag. Don't know what it's called.:tender:
  8. Dior- I love that Chanel bag! It is gorgeous! Hope you find it!!!
  9. Yes I have cheated. I have bought a Louis Vuitton damier speedy, Coach, and Gucci bag recently. But I plan to stop now because even though I really like my new bags, I'm finding more and more that my interest in other bags is waning and I only want Hermes now.
  10. Thxs Jag. You're so sweet.:flowers:
  11. Nope, faithful to Hermes. In fact, I don't even like looking at other handbags because I feel I'm cheating on my SA. Actually, no other handbag excites me the way Hermes does.
  12. Very true, hermesgroupie! Feel the same way and that's why I don't have most of my other bags anymore! Sold 'em all!!!! (well, except for the few I already posted about)
  13. ^^^^I was at Barney's the other day and looked at some Goyards, but quickly walked out. I was actually thinking, "I can't be seen here! Oh the betrayal!!!" *hanging head in shame*
  14. I haven't although I still would like a quilted Chanel lambskin flap bag with a double gold chain.

    As my screenname attests, it was my interest in Chanel that caused me to join the purseforum, but once I started considering Hermes bags, I was a goner!
  15. I haven't bought a single bag after my Birkin! However, I have bought several other shoes, especially from Christian Louboutin! I love his shoes ... ok, not all, but most of them!

    At the moment, I'm currently lusting over a Speedy 25 or one of the LV denim bags. But, I'm not yet sure if I'll get one ... still thinking!
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