Have you change mind about getting Graffiti Neverfull?

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  1. Now Graffiti Line made it to the store..... I want to know how do you feel about Graffiti Neverfull. Is there anything you don't like when see Graffiti Speedy or Graffiti Zippy? I still want to wait for Graffiti NF.... but, you guy's Graffiti Speedy pics making me want to get Speedy!!! March is way too long for me...
  2. I was not going to get the Neverfull until I saw all of the pics today and now I want one Baaadddddd like you-give me some graffiti please!!!
  3. i'm still on the fence about both the speedy and NF. i'll make my decision in march. but i'm sure all the pics to come won't help with my decision, i'll only want both lol.
  4. i still want one!!!!! ill hold out on the speedy till the Nf comes in
  5. I'm waiting (impatiently :smile:) for NF - thinks it's gonna be great with that cute lining! :love:
  6. I broke down and ordered the green speedy so definitely want the Pink Neverfull now!
  7. i wish the graffiti speedy had the same lining as the neverfull

    graffiti zippy is hot - i can picture using it in hand on a night out.

    i'm tied between graffiti speedy and graffiti neverfull
  8. I am waiting for neverfull too..
  9. I still have one on hold. I bought the Zippy wallet in pink....I think that the Neverfull may be a little much on the Bright side....

    I wasn't planning on buying the Roses, but I had a really BAAAAAADDDDD day on monday and when I went to get the wallet, I bought the Roses Neverfull as well. When I saw the Graffiti Speedy, I thought about putting on some sunglasses....

    This was one Bright Pattern! The Roses pop on the Monogram.

    I think the Graffiti screams "Please copy me, cheaply!" We shall see!
  11. ^^ LOVELY purchases and your cushion is SO cute too:heart:
    I don't know if I will purchase the neverfull as it looks SO bright.....have to wait and see ... might wait until the runway bags are released:yes:
  12. #12 Feb 4, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2009
    I'm very unsure about the Graffiti Neverfull, and seeing the Speedy IRL didn't help. The pattern is very bright, and I think it looks amazing on the Zippy Coin Purse and the Zippy Wallet. I'm on the list for the Neverfull and I think I have to see it IRL before deciding. It might look very different with the bigger graffiti. I have the Roses Speedy and I don't feel it's as bright because much more of the Monogram pattern shows.

    Another thing is that I'm not too sure abut the Neverfull, I had the Mono MM and ended up selling it because the straps were too skinny and a bit too short to sit comfortably on the shoulder.

    I'll probably pass...
  13. When is the Neverfull suppose to come in?
  14. March 2nd I believe.