Have you bought Ugg online from NM?

  1. Hi. I am considering a pair of Uggs from the Neiman Marcus site. However, I don't know which size to pick. I am a regular US size 7½, and I'd probably want the Uggs in a real US 7 because they are quite big. I have two pairs of Uggs already, and they are both W (women) size 6 -but that is the Australian size.
    Do you know if the sizes listed on the NM site is the US or Autralian size? Anyone with experience from buying them online at NM (or Zappos perhaps)?
  2. I wear a US 8.5 and have my Uggs in a 7, purchased in the US. Even those are generous and I could likely get away with a 6 next time. I'd suggest that you order your normal Ugg size (1/2 to 1-1/2 sizes smaller than usual) from NM, too.
  3. Thanks for your answer. I was just afraid that maybe NM converted the Australian sizes into US (but yet again, it says US 6 in mine and a UK 4,5... that makes NO sense). I just order my regular Ugg size then, and cross my fingers :smile:
  4. I'm a US 9 and my Uggs are an 8.
  5. The UGGs on the NM website are def. US sizes
    Just bought a pair myself..Can't wait to wear them this winter
    It's the new metallic color! :biggrin:
    I'm normally a 6.5 but 6 in UGGs fit PERFECT!
  6. Ok, so you have already recieved them? If I am a US 7½, then i should get a 7 from the NM site then?

    I just wondered, you who have ordered and recieved the boots, the size in the boot (mine says W6), is that the same as you ordered from the NM site?
  7. I suggest to fix the size you need by download foot sizing chart.
    Be careful to order a half smaller than your actual size.

    Visit Fit Assistant to download Uggs size chart

    Hope it help.