Have you bought something from TIFFANY&CO this year?

  1. If so what was it? and do you have picts for us to drool over? :P

    i've really liked their designs lately, so understated and elegant!
  2. haah i just bought this from TCO. a pen!



    this is my first pen ever from tiffany, actually this is my first pen that cost more than 5 bucks. hahaha!

    but i love it, gives me incentive to balence my check book. ya know?

    i also bought a chain but just a simple chain in silver because sometimes i don't wear my ring and i use that as a pendant.

    but lately i've been wanting to get another necklace, but don't know which one yet. too many to choose from!
  3. I will never buy anything from Tiffany's ever again I had a problem with a keyring from there and received the WORST customer services I have ever had in my life.

    Whilst still in the shop I overheard another lady taking to the manager with a complaint (very politely) and she also received TERRIBLE service.

    I expect such a large company to be able handle things in a professional manner but sadly this was not the case. ***Sorry Rant Over***
  4. ^^ I'm sorry to hear about your experience! I've never heard of that in the states, of course theres going to be cases like that, but the store I go to is well managed I must say. Just have to watch who you are dealing with. Some SAs are just in for the sale, so they'll tell you that you look beautiful with a pendant that looks like a starfish is crawling up your lung vs. an SA that honestly says its a little overwhelming, why dont you go for a smaller size?

    And yes lol that just happened to me, I'll post picts of it soon!

    Fayden! :lol: loved your post, do you have a pict with your necklace and chain? I did that with one of my ordinary rings and a couple of friends kept asking if I was wearing "my guy"s ring. :Push: But I like that look though. I've been thinking of that Paloma purse pen.
  5. but lately i've been wanting to get another necklace, but don't know which one yet. too many to choose from.

    I totally agree!
  6. My mom got me me the Tiffany & CO. oval tag bracelet for my birthday... and i will be getting the matching necklace for Hannukah!!!

  7. my husband bought me the oval tag necklace for our anniversary and i bought myself the med. bean necklace a couple weeks ago. i wear the oval tag one more.

  8. I have that braclet,and I love it!. I got it for my last birthday a year ago ,with the necklace & heart earings. I love it to pieces!:love: . Im hopping to get :love:
  9. My boyfriend bought me a lock necklace (I have no clue what it's called) a month or so ago :smile: For some reason I have this weird thing about not wanting to buy jewelry for myself. He even got my initial engraved on the back though! :love:
  10. these were the 2 pieces I purchased back in April. I bought both when I realized I can interchange the pendants so between the 2 necklaces, I have 4 ways of wearing them. :P
    tiff lock pendant.jpg heart pend.jpg
  11. this thread is beautiful but its making me sad. i just lost my tiffanys eternity heart necklace last week. it was my bf first jewelry present for me. sigh.
  12. this is what i got a couple of weeks ago.. [​IMG]
  13. i got the atlas toggle choker in silver a few days ago. and i really like it. haven't taken it off yet!

  14. Back in Feb when my apartment got robbed a lot of my expensive jewelry was taken.. my boyfriend bought me this Infinity necklace: