Have you bought from LV in Germany? I need your help!

  1. Hi everyone,

    This question is specifically for those who are from Germany and are familiar with LV pricing in Germany, or from those who have bought from Louis Vuitton in Germany.

    Are the prices that are listed on France's Louis Vuitton site the same or close to the prices in Germany? I'm thinking of buying a Multicolore PMP and I just want to know if it's around the same price as it is on LV France's website :smile:
  2. i heard the prices are 5 euros higher for items under 400 euros and 20 euros higher for pieces over 400 euros....
  3. They are just little bit higher. All the euro-countrys have quite same prices but France is cheapest.
    I think PMP is about 220-230e in Germany :yes:
  4. No, I "just" bought epi pochette from Amsterdam and it was 10e higher than in vuitton.com France.
  5. ^ ah okay, thanks! :smile:

    and for items over 400 euros? are the 20 euros correct?
  6. Hi there,

    my boyfriend got me a Speedy 35 for my b-day here in Germany and that was 435€ (5€ higher than the french price)

    Kind regards :heart: ,
  7. ^ only 5 euros? now that's weird, in amsterdam it's 10 euros more... that's good for germany though! :P
  8. Hhmm, I really not sure. But I bought damier speedy 30 few weeks ago from Sweden (they dont have euros), and it was over 30e more.
    So I think that 20e in is quite close :yes:
  9. :wtf: I have always been told that all the other euro-countries (except France) do have same prices.
    But it seems that it isn't so :hysteric:
  10. Lucky for lamiastella, PMP cant be more than 220e :smile:
  11. seems it really depends on the country...

    dumb question: what is PMP? :shame:
  12. I think the price is more in Germany by 15-30 Euros per bag.

    For example,

    baggy pm in France 785, in Germany 810
    Pricilla in France 935, in Germany 955
    Reade pm in France 460, in Germany 475
    Malibu Stree in France 550, in Germany 565
  13. I think (not sure :P) it is Porte monnaie plat= Flat coin purse.
  14. makes sense, thanks! :smile:
  15. Well, one thing is for sure, rest assured that Germany prices are one of the lowest you can find worldwide. They are slightly and I mean really slightly more than France. The best thing you can do is call Germany eventhough you are overseas, I always do that, the phone chargest are very very minimal eventhough for a long distance call. Get their number from LV's website, they have specific store locations and details like numbers and addresses. The SAs speak in English so do not worry. I called them before. :smile: