Have you bought a perfume you hated?

  1. I am now hooked on Jo Malone perfumes. After wearing Laura Ashley #1 and Christalle by Chanel for over 20 years I decided to clean out my stuff and go to new products.

    So I started to try Jo Malone perfumes, (and all her other stuff). I am in love with her Orange Blossom, Lime Blossom and Roses perfume. My friend is sending me some samples of her other perfumes. Since I liked the Lime Blossom perfume I asked my friend to pick me up the Lime Basil scent and I HATE it----to me it is like a men's cologne (so I will give it to my Dad). But it really stinks.
    I really thought I would love it. I don't like heavy perfumes and remember getting gifts thru the years that I always gave away.
    What was the one perfume you had that you just hated or people didn't like on you???
  2. Is it the Lime, Basil & Mandarin that you hate? I bought that last year having smelt it on a friend. Initially I thought it was lovely but then it really started to get to me and now I don't like it much anymore.

    But....the fragrance I hate is Eau de Soir by Sisley. I paid £100 for a bottle about a year ago having tried it in store and thinking I liked it. OMG I hate it - it gives me a headache (and so does thinking that I wasted £100 on it!). I kept it for ages and then got rid!
  3. Unfortunately, I had that experience with Chanel No. 5. It was sooooo wrong on me.
  4. Yes, it was the Lime Basil & Mandarin. UGH---I really hate it. I think because it is a unisex scent it has more of a stronger men cologne smell to it. But I do love her Orange Blossom and Lime Blossom so I am sticking to those for now. I can't wait to try some of her other scents, my one friend told me her mint jasmine scent is really nice.
    Sometimes when I am out shopping and standing next to a person they will have on so much perfume that your literally want to gag from the smell. Less is more for me, I like Jo Malone because they are not strong in your face scents. My friend still wears Opium and I can smell her 10 feet away.
  5. D&G Lightblue, blech
  6. davidoff game.
  7. I don't like vanilla or too sweet smells. I don't want to smell like a cookie. Also, the first Prada perfume. I smelled in a magazine and I was hooked. I wanted to love it, but it is soo wrong on me. I gave it away.
  8. chanel chance. I got it for my birthday from SO but i hate it, gives me a headache. its just sitting in my drawer.
  9. Noa. bleeeeh, it smells awful! :yucky:
    My best friend used to wear it years ago, and I remember liking it on her. Once, a few years back, when I was at an airport trying to "get rid" of some foreign currency before returning home, I overspent and ended up having to use some of my home country's currency as well, and I only had a bill that was worth around $85, and the cashier told me she could only give me foreign currency back (meaning that I would be right back at square one with a bunch of foreign currency I had no use for) so I grabbed a bottle of perfume that was on display right next to the cashier to avoid getting as much money back (I was in a hurry) I remember her asking me "Do you like that scent?", sounding slightly surprised when I replied "yes...". Well turns out, I don't! :yucky: Now I don't only hate the way it smells on me, I also hate the way it smells out of the bottle. And I threw the box away so I can't give it away, plus I'm no longer friends with said person who used to wear it, so I can't give it to her either :p

    Oh, and once I went out shopping during lunch and sprayed some of the summer version of the fragrance on me, my boss told me I smelled really bad :tdown:
  10. It happened a few times. When I go try on perfume in the store, it smells good on me and I like it, but it seems like when I buy it, it smells differently?:confused1:
  11. ^ YES! That happens to me all the time!!! I swear they make samples smell better than the real thing. :yes:

    I tried a sample of SJP Covet in a magazine and it was sooo delicious. I almost ordered it, but I decided to go to Nordies and get a sample first. When I sprayed it on from their tester, I smelled like a stinky old lady. It was TERRIBLE. I had to go home, because I was so disgusted.

    I've impulse bought lots of other perfumes I hate. Estee Lauder Pure White Linen and Emporio Armani City Glam are the two that really stand out in my mind. I've only used them a couple times...
  12. I hate Lime Basil & Mandarin too. I love her Orange Blossom though. I wish her fragrances lasted on the skin longer. They are so fleeting.

    I buy fragrances all the time that I end up hating. Even after I tested them for a few days. Usually, it's because I start to smell a note (patchouli, musk, vetiver, etc.) that nauseates me. Once I detect that note... I can't wear the perfume anymore.

    The last one was Guerlain Rose Barbare. The patchouli does me in, every time.

    Cartier Delices de Cartier was love for me, until the sweetness made me think of cherry jam and syrup and I can't wear that one anymore either.
  13. SJP Lovely. Ick.
  14. Last year, I asked my mum for a bottle of Chanel Allure on my birthday. I'd smelt it and even worn it for a while after trying it on at the store.. but now the smell is just sickening to me! Too sweet and vanilla-ish, gives me a headache. Which is sad, because the lasting power on this is unbelievable!
  15. Perfumes are usually expensive and I don't like the idea of spending so much on scented liquid. However, I do like smelling good with scents that stick around for a while so I do end up buying perfumes. I only buy when I KNOW I love it. I usually spray it on a few times before returning to purchase.