Have YOU been to LV @ Saks in New Orleans?

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  1. DH has a conference in New Orleans coming up in about 2 weeks and has invited me to join him :yahoo:! One of the things I of course hope to do is visit the LV in Saks.

    So... what can I expect? Is it as good as a full-service, free-standing store? Do they seem to specialize in any particular lines? (I have no clue as to the regional popularity of mono vs. damier vs. epi vs. vernis, etc.) Are there any SA's to look for? (Hopefully none to avoid...)

    Since I have no LV store nearby, I have to buy my LV from elux, lv.com, ebay, or when I'm on vacation somewhere (not too frequently.) I'm not sure if there is anything in particular I'm looking for... although my latest fetish is vernis, and I'm thinking the Amarante is to-die-for.

    Any suggestions on what to shop for? I already own some large Mono bags (Tivoli GM and Looping GM,) Damier Speedy 30's in Ebene and Azur, a Denim Baggy GM in Lichen, and a bunch of Mono accessories (wallet, key cles, Pochette Cosmetique, small ring agenda...) I like having coordinating accessories, but all that mono inside my Tivoli is starting to bore me. (NO! I didn't just say that, did I?) Anyway, I'd love to hear all about the New Orleans LV, thanks so much!
  2. Congrats to you for getting to go to New Orleans. I am from Louisiana, live 15 minutes from Louisiana (my husband's office is in LA) and just LOVE to go to NO! You'll love it!!!

    I have been to the LV in Saks. They had a great selection of merchandise. The last time I went was in January when we went for the National BCS game (Geaux Tigers). I was looking for a Monogram Rubis which was sold out everywhere else and they had one. They SA ( I can't remember her name) was quite helpful and friendly. Most people tend to be very friendly in New Orleans. I'll look through my wallet and see if I still have her card. If you want any recommendations on places to eat, please let me know and I'll give you a list. The food is fabulous in New Orleans. Where are you staying? I'm so excited for you. I hope you have a great trip!
  3. I'm from LA, but have never been to Saks in New Orleans, but have talked to SAs on the phone and they're very nice and helpful. She put me on Hold and would go look at her stock for whatever I was looking for. Please let us know how your trip goes and what you get. I think when you see the amarante, you'll probably have to have something in it!
  4. Dear Texasbelle and Charmed 05, thanks so much for your comments! If I could find the itinerary, I could tell you where we're staying! :s But, I know it is in an area with a lot of high-end hotels. (Does that help at all?) DH will be in meetings in the mornings and possibly some afternoons, and then we're on our own. Any and all suggestions re: restaurants and sight-seeing, as well as shopping, are more than welcome!
  5. In all likelihood, you are staying in the French Quarter. Here are some of my favorite restaurants right of the top of my head:

    Commander's Palace: It's a New Orleans tradition. One of the oldest and best. It's pricey but you will not regret it. It's in an old house rich with history. Take a taxi and be sure to book reservations NOW. They probably have a website.

    Mr. B's Bistro: This is one of the Brennan's restaurants. Great food.

    Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse: Another Brennan restaurant

    Cafe du Monde: You absolutely have got to get yourself some beignets and chicory coffee!

    Galatoire's: This is a very old establishment in the French Quarter. It's a great place to eat.

    Antoine's: Good again.

    The Marigny Brasserie: We ate here for the first time in January. It was absolutely fabulous. Highly recommend it.

    The Palace Cafe: One of my most favorite places.

    NOLA's: This is one of Emeril Lagasse's restaurants. It's a great place to try.

    Brennans: Brunch here is an experience you'll never forget. You must have the Bananas Foster!!

    With all of these places you will need to have reservations to ensure you have a table. I'd recommend reviewing them online and making them before you head to New Orleans or shortly after you arrive.

    So there are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy your stay. You'll enjoy shopping in the French Quarter during the day and all the sight seeing. Definitely ride the trolley car into the Garden District and see the beautiful homes. Don't go too far down Bourbon Street at night!!!! And please don't drink too many Hurricanes!!!!
  6. WOW! That's some awesome list! DH thinks its the Intercontinental New Orleans... which, according to their website is 2 blocks from the French Quarter. Can't wait!!
  7. We've never stayed in that hotel but know the location. It's in a great central place. You are not far at all from the mall which houses Saks (LV)! I think you are really going to have a great time. And it is absolutely the best time of the year to be in New Orleans. The weather will/should be great. You have me thinking I should plead with DH to make a trip that way. We could stop in Baton Rouge to check on our two children at LSU and head south!
  8. Don't forget K Paul's on the list of restaurants!!!!!
  9. Oh girls, there aren't enough nights and days to eat at all of these wonderful places! We did make reservations for dinner on Sat. at Emeril's NOLA. Other than that, we may just "wing it" in various places.

    Any rec's as to what I should do on Thursday when DH is in meetings all day? (Silly question... I'm heading straight to LV!!!) Should we make a reservation for a Plantation Tour on Saturday? Any rec's?

    And... any other suggestions for my LV Shopping Trip? I'm so into the amarante, thinking maybe I should pick up a small-to-medium sized bag for evenings. Not an "evening bag," just a switch-off from my big everyday bags (Tivoli GM, Speedy 30's, Denim Baggy GM.)
  10. How about the roxbury in amarante? Oh, I'd love to own one! Can't wait to hear all about your trip. We have a convention every year in October and something always comes up that I can't get to Saks. Maybe this year......
  11. A plantation tour is nice. There are cemetary tours (they are interesting), you can take a cruise on one of the riverboats, there is a nice aquarium right on the river, you can spend hours wandering through shops on Royal St. which is just blocks from where you are staying. Royal St. is full of antique shops, clothing, etc. Quite unique. There is so much to wander around and see right where you are staying a tour might not be necessary. Also, the Audubon Zoo is open again. I believe you can take a trolley ride to it. There are several spas downtown. The Ritz Carlton has a great one. Ummm... that's my short list for now! And you'll enjoy eating at Emeril's. All of his restaurants are great.
  12. LV Saks is where I shop for my LV! I live in Lafayette only 2 1/2 hours away and dh and I go there pretty often. He travels for business there and I get to go with him sometimes! My last trip there was also for the BCS game in Jan. (GO TIGERS, lol...) and my anniversary gift from dh was my lovely mono Eole 50 for traveling! It's sooo great! My SA was super nice too, I just can't remember her name, darnit! She was black, and had a short haircut (like "boy" short) and I think she was pretty tall...does that help? I also called a couple of months ago to ask if they had the Tivoli GM in stock, they didn't but waitlisted me on it, and they called less than a week later to let me know they were in. They are very nice there...
    You have some great suggestions from others as to what to do...the mall that Sak's is in is called Canal Place and there are some really nice stores in there, Pottery Barn, Coach, BCBG, Williams-Sonoma, and some cute local boutiques too. Canal Place is also right across the street from Harrah's Casino if you are into gambling, and I personally love the Aquarium. I've stayed at the Intercontinental, it's pretty nice. Have fun!:smile:
  13. rebecca, was her name Sondra? I've actually never been to that LV, but my coworker's sister works there....not sure if she's tall, though.
  14. ~Have fun Beth, you'll love New Orleans. All the sightseeing, the taste of great food, yum-yum..Esp. you get to try out LV bags IRL, Yay..I sure hope Saks will have a lot of interesting bags in stock for you.~
  15. Well Beth???? Did you go, what did you get, and did you like New Orleans????