Have you been to Bali? Please share your experiences

  1. I am thinking of going with my BF in a few months so please share what your favorite experiences were, where you stayed, food I should try, etc. I am so excited!:yahoo:So far, we had a recommendation to stay at one of the Aman Resorts, any opinions?
  2. Bali is a beautiful place. There are a number of places you can go and it depends on the kind of experience you would like to have:

    Kuta: very busy, lots of shopping and nightlife!
    Jimbaran Bay: Beautiful beach here with lots of restaurants, and great seafood
    Ubud: in the hills, much quieter and peaceful
    Nusa Dua: a lot of high end resorts here
    Seminyak: A little out of the main area as well
    This gives a bit of an idea but isn't a conclusive list!

    If I was you I would go for a great resort where you can relax by a pool and be pampered. I don't know of the one you're speaking of. A lot of the resorts are expensive for food and services such as massage, but if you walk out of them, you will find cheaper massages and manicures and pedicures on the beaches. There will also be cheaper restaurants and food stalls. It depends on your budget. You will have a wonderful time and it is easy to get around Bali.
  3. My aunt and uncle lived in bali for 3 years. I stayed with them. Don't really remeber much honestly. But while we were there we also went to jakarta and singapore. Beatiful country. My favourite expirinces was the food, and the photo ops.
  4. love bali..my fave place..
    kuta is super busy and can be overwhelming...but if you don't mind that then it's a good place to be right in the center of everything..just walk outside =)
    but all those places the previous person listed above are good areas to stay..and the food is amazing..all the little restaurants are soo yummy..=)
  5. Bali is amazing. Ubud was my favorite part, but it is on the interior, not on the beach. It is a cute little town with shops and restaurants.
    If you are looking at an Aman resort, your budget is way bigger than mine was. In that price range, I thought Como Shambala was really cool-I went to visit a friend there.
    If you need more specific suggestions let me know.
  6. Loved Bali and the food (Otak Otak, Krupuk, Rojak, Sambal fish {order fish, their fish selections are just OMG}, rendang beef, pandang cake and vegis... I think they carry Satay too like Malaysia) is TDF. When you eat like the locals do = using hands (USE your right hands; left hands is used to wipe after you finished the toilet and is considered "unpure" and "dirty", so will be considered rude at the dinner table).... Most restaurants are very "westernized" and uses utensils (fork and spoon is the usual) so you do not have to worry too much about "using your hands to eat".

    I was there to study their local Arts when I was doing a history credit from LaSalle (Singapore). Awesome country to visit but take some aspirins and charcoal tablets with you JIC for the unseen "discomforts"; oh and beware of the mosquitoes.

    As many has suggested, Kuta is a great tourist must see and if you love the Arts and Crafts of Indonesia.... visit Batuan and Batubulan for the Wayang & Barong dances. Visit Celuk if you like native jewelry. Mas for its woodcarvings and Ubud to patronize Balinese Arts. Do be one of the first patrons for a local Bali stall (they open very early)... they will give you a great deal on what you have to offer (as is their belief that when the very first patron "buys" and complete a business transaction, it will bring luck to the rest of the day.... my mom told be that when little; oh and I remembered "corn milk" dunno if they still have that stuff). Buy plenty of woodcarvings and its local crafts like Batik (beautiful batiks they have and great as a wall art)..... Always remember to bargain!!!! That is the Art of shopping in Indonesia.

  7. I went to Bali a couple of years ago and loved it. Kuta had some fun shops and restaurants, but it was very touristy and some of the tourists would get a little... err... carried away, shall we say, after some drinks :smile: Also, one downside to Kuta was the beach. You couldn't just lie there and enjoy yourself; someone came up and always tried to sell you something. So I'd stay outside of Kuta and just come into town for sightseeing.

    The beaches at Nusa Dua were fabulous -- I'd recommend going there if you want to lie on the beach. And a really neat dining experience is at Jimbaran Bay, where the fishermen set up stalls with their daily catch. You tell them what fish you want, and then sit at one of the tables on the beach. They'll then bring you the grilled fish, along with side dishes, salad, bread, etc. Also, there are many excellent crafts shops in Ubud, especially for wood carvings.

    Have fun on your trip! Bali is beautiful!