Have you been to a jean party

  1. Anyone ever been to a jean party- where they sell "designer jeans"? I'd love to hear about your experience. Are they authentic?
  2. from what i understand the jeans are almost always fake.

    i have heard of jeans parties where the proceeds go to charity, and the jeans are real.

    i would be very careful. all the high end jean designers do not sell wholesale to just anyone. i believe you need to have a brick & mortar store to be able to buy from designer jeans companies.
  3. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is, KWIM?

    Every single jeans (and purse party) I have EVER heard of sells fakes.

    If you want cheap designer jeans, look somewhere like Saks Off 5th or Nordstrom Rack. You can sign up for Off 5th coupons online and get pretty good deals that way. :yes:
  4. ^yup, agreed with the others - 99% of jean parties held in someone's home are all fake. don't buy from them unless you have a really trained eye on what's real.
  5. I haven't been to one, but I have been told about them happening a lot where I live. They are FAKE!!!! This is so disgusting, this is really illegal, a Federal offense, known as trafficing.
  6. i also would recommend checking out Nordstrom rack, off 5th, or Neiman Marcus last call. there are awesome deals to be found
  7. Totally agree with the above poster. I found a pair of hemmed citizens for 44 the other day at Nordies rack, but sadly put them down.
  8. Most jeans parties and purse parties that is purchased from the "kits" for parties sold on the internet are scams!

    But I am sure there are the real parties hosted by "get together TPFers" or other purse forums for their goods (we hate fakes here, but does not mean an occasional "fake" sellers won't try to do their scaming here).
  9. I agree, for genuine items, shop at big name department like NM, Barneys, BG, Saks, Nordstrom or the off season stores for these big department stores (T.J. Maxx, Marshalls have bad rep for selling some fake 7 for all mankind jeans... so beware).

    Plus if you wait for the right sales, you can get genuine items at a better discount then at e-bay with a peace of mind because of their authenticity.
  10. Are they really? A sorority at my university does a charity denim sale every spring. They hire a company to come and sell the jeans - they sell Sevens, TRs, Citizens, etc. I mean they are still expensive..not THAT much cheaper. average price like $80-$100?

    Here's the URL of the company:

    Anyone wanna take a look and let me know how they feel about that company? I bought a pair of Antiks (ended up returning them a few hours later becuase I got buyers remorse).
  11. There have been several threads about these "charity denim events" held at colleges on jean forum sites....and it sounds like while they may carry some authentic jeans from less popular brands (Antik, 575, Blue Cult, etc), they are mixed in with fake jeans of more popular brands (Sevens, COHs, etc). Some of the forum members have approached the sellers of these charity events and informed them that the jeans are fake, and the sellers just claim that the jeans are real, but these experienced denimhounds were not fooled. So unless you are good at telling fakes from reals....I wouldn't buy from these charity events either. $80-$100 is a lot of money to plunk down for fakes!
  12. Oh wow, good thanks for the tip. I'll brush on my fake-jean spotting before the event so I can go and let the girls know before they are fooled.
  13. i've heard about those. theres this sorority up at cornell who always runs this event and i always wanted to check it out. i never really thought about its legitimacy

  14. Sound like a scam to me. I am so tired of seeing fake jeans and bags everywhere! I was watching The View a couple of weeks ago and even Barbara Walters said she buys fake designer bags on the street in NY!!!
    Can you imagine!?!
  15. I had no idea denim parties existed. That's crazy...and sad.