Have you been ripped off by this person?

  1. All -- I am very close to catching up with a bad eBay seller who ripped me off in April of 2006. She sold me an LV denim Speedy. I stupidly completed the auction outside of eBay and on top of that I was even dumber by sending her a money order. Of course I never got the bag and she ran off with my money. :cursing:

    I have been tracking down this thief for over a year now. I just had a background check done on her and I found out that she has quite the criminal and civil record -- she obviously does these kinds of things for fun and profit.

    I don't want to give too many details, but if you had a similar situation with any other items on eBay or iOffer (or any other online site) and your seller was in Arizona, please PM me. I am already in contact with a few other people and there is definitely power in numbers.

    Thanks all!
  2. Good luck Lori and well done for not letting this go - I really hope things work out for you after all this time.
  3. thats horrible.
  4. That's horrible! I hope you catch her! How do these people live with themselves?! :cursing:
  5. sorry that it happened to you lori, good luck in catching her and hopefully your money back too!
  6. Arizona! yikes ! thats too close to home for me, I hope you catch her!
  7. Good luck in bringing her to justice, lori! :biggrin:
  8. I'm sorry that happened to you, Lori, hope you'll get your money soon and police will put that scammer into a jail!! Anyway, do you've her eBay ID?
  9. That is horrible! I hope you are close to catching this scammer. Good luck, lori!
  10. UGH...I hope you get her Lori!!!!!!!
  11. lori, i just want to say that you are awesome. way to keep on girl!
  12. is there any way we cooul find out who is this to prevent us from stumbling w/ this seller.. i don't know if we are allowed to know the ebay id??
  13. I remember this from the ebay boards, I can't wait til you catch her!! Go Lori!
  14. Goodluck Lori! The same thing happened to me with my Speedy Purchase before hmmm let's see.. That was 2005 I think... I still can't forget about it!! =(
  15. She sold under 2 eBay IDs, both of which are no longer valid. I do not know if she has used different IDs since.

    However, I can tell you that she is in the Surprise/Phoenix area of Arizona. I need to refrain from giving any additional info at this time since I am working with the authorities on this matter.