Have you been into Bbags for years, yet now only own recent season Bbags?

  1. It's a hard thread to describe in the title, but I was looking at my collection and realised I don't have any old Bbags anymore:nogood: How could this be?

    I fell in love with Balenciaga bags in 2004, but couldn't afford any back then. I started to buy in mid 2005 and by then I'd missed out on all the brand new 04 colours that I liked!

    By the time I finally made a decision not to buy 2nd hand, I'd missed out on all the spring/summer 05 bags.

    The years that followed, I was always behind each season. I went through my desperate 2nd hand buying phase for a long time until I met Erica from hgbags:flowers: I realised I could buy brand new Bbags with similiar colours:love: I grew tired of scammers and sellers that say their bags are "MINT", then paying over retail, only to find the bags IRL were not mint at all!:cursing:

    Is there anyone else out there who has been head over heels into Bbags for several years, yet only owns colours from recent seasons? I now only own 1 from 2006 and the rest are 2007 (I went crazy in 07) and now 3 from 2008.

    If someone had of told me 3 years ago that I would now only own 06, 07 & 08 bags, I would never have believed them:angel:
  2. I first became interest in Balenciaga in 05 when I saw apple green in NYC. It wasnt until last week that I got my first, a Jaune Twiggy
  3. I first fell in love with bbags in the fall of 06 -- I have 3 from that season (marron first, griege first and rouille twiggy). Since then I bought 2 05s (dark olive day and pewter first), 1 spring 06 (ink oval clutch) and 1 spring 07 (anthracite city).

    I have been deliberately AVOIDING looking at the new colors because I am on a BAG BAN for ALL OF 2008. When I come off the ban, I'll get another, I'm sure!
  4. I really feel your pain, because they keep coming out with so many gorgeous colors and it is impossible to have one of every color that you love. At least it is unrealistic for most of us. So, I try to keep in mind that even though I missed out on several colors from the past several years that I would love to have, there are just as many new ones to fall in love with. Even at that, I have to pick and choose and I can't have them all darn it!!
  5. I totally understand you. I am in no position financially to purchase bbags. I fell in love with bbags in 04/05. Saw them in magazines, never knew what it was. Finally found out it costs a fortune haha. Became a member of tpf to lust over everyone else's bags in 2005 and learned about them. Finally got one, a black first, in May 07. =) and the yearning for new ones never stopped....cuz every season has gorgeous colors!! :heart:
  6. I understand what you mean: yes, it's probably easier to buy the new bags (you avoid scaring eBay stories, not mint bags, etc...).
    I've been admiring Balenciaga bags sometimes, but bought my first one only last may and it was a 2005 preowned RT (payed around 1000 dollars).
    I had to take it to LMB after some months, because of the handles, so I can say I payed definitely above retail for that bag!! Of course some bags have divine leather (I'm thinking about 04-05) so SOMETIMES it is worth it (rouge theatre is such a beautiful color), but yes, probably it's safer to buy mostly new bags and just look for a few preowned HG.