Have you been happy with the bags you've bought from an outlet over the phone?

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  1. I'm just curious to see how happy our tokiholics are with bags they've bought over the phone from the outlets. Since there is a no return policy were you glad you did it? Is 25% off enough of a reason to be a final sale?
  2. I wasnt too happy with the print placement and the packaging of the bag. I bought a bella from the outlet and they just shipped it to me in a thin envelope. I bought it from the lesportsac outlet
  3. Well, I'm used to final sales, we only get a chance to return items after 30 days tops- for a different item / store credit. When I hear about your return policies I'm like :wtf: .

    Will found out in about 2 weeks whether I'm happy with my purchase or not. :love:

    swtest2lips- Didn't you ask for a specific placement?
  4. Yikes. Now you folks make me afraid to buy something blindly lol....I'm glad Pulse sends picture messages of products to cellphones :biggrin: They're not a lesportsux outlet..but you know what i mean lol.
  5. I just wish Pulse had a better return policy they only give you 10 days. I've now had some second thoughts about my pirata and amore giocos. I think I would have went with a different bag style.
  6. Snoopa, I did, but they said they will do the best they can and they just shipped me anything they found. I know for sure they didnt even look:sad:
  7. I bought from the South Hampton outlet and Lindsey helped me with my print placement, I didn't see a picture (haha it's so cool they send phone pics), but hopefuly I'll get exactly what I asked, so it's not a complete blind date.

    swtest that sux big time. =[
    I asked for 1 thing only and she told me on the spot she found a good bag.
  8. I wanted the sushi guy on the paradiso print, you know, the one where he's sitting by a platter of sushi eating. But he was no where on the bag, not even the bottom or back!
  9. If I ever order from them again, Im looking for lindsey!
  10. That's what I wanted :heart: on my zucca,
    the sushi platter and the little dressed up mozzarella on his left. Hope it's in a good spot on the bag.

    When did you buy yours? Can you still return it and get another?
  11. So far, I've been pretty satisfied with what I've gotten, will know more when I get my package this week!!!!!! I really liked my bracialetto more than I thought. It was the last one and I got it not even asking about placement. lol
  12. Yikes, you guys!!! It sucks when they are not a fellow toki lover so they have no appreciation for it and probably don't know what they're looking for :push:
  13. I've just gotten Black Cammo from the outlet and that's pretty much impossible to get a "bad" print.
  14. Yeah...dont you wish that about most of the toki bags?:girlsigh: Its almost like you can't be TOTALLY satisfied w/ a print placement so you just want more....so I do NOT like the final sale policy at all. I feel like businesses should always stand behind their product at least 30 days if it is still brand new and unused.:popcorn: Just thought I'd use that one....its so cute and I love it...
  15. Heh, the outlet over here gives you 14 days for returns.