Have you already been so addicted to a show that you´d refuse invitations out ?

  1. and if yes, which show(s) ????

    When "Sex and the City" used to be on TV, I´d say to my friends, half jokingly (dead serious in fact) don´t invite me anywhere on thursdays !!

    And last night I went to a birthday, but I felt bad for thinking all evening I was missing out on ANTM, Heroes and Dirt....and question myself about what is really the most important in life !! and how stupid I was for even considering cancelling...
  2. :lol:

    nope, but if it wasn't for modern technology i might :shame:
  3. haha! YES! i was like that with ugly betty for awhile until they started streaming the episodes online. i'm addicted to gossip girl right now and i could see myself making excuses to stay home and watch instead of going out. my weeks are so busy and crazy that i just need a moment to veg in front of the couch in a comfy sweatshirt with my dog for one day, kwim?
  4. I remember a few years ago, I was invited to a party on a 24 night, and while everyone else was outside in the hot tub, I was parked in front of my friend's tv watching Jack Bauer save the day.
  5. Not in the past twenty years. You know, since the advent of the VCR, and most recently, DVRs. I program everything I want to watch and my computer records it for me. I didn't even think that missing TV shows was an issue these days...
  6. Um yes, Big Brother and The Hills
  7. Yes, Queer as Folk.
  8. No.

    I am thankful for Tivo...but honestly, if it it wasn't for TiVo I would still never pass up something for TV, kwim?
  9. Great question........but I won't admit what i've done !!!!!
  10. when Gilmore Girls was on my family and friends (not including my best friend who was always watching with me) knew not to interuppt me between 8-9 on tuesdays or there would be hell to pay. The only time I actually left the house when there was a new episode it was for my Grandmothers birthday :p
  11. OF COURSE.. i even tell my friends not to call me..or else! i usually would just pick up and tell them i'm watching ________ with a serious voice and just hang up =]
  12. I won't answer the phone if Lost or Nip/Tuck is on. Otherwise I just catch reruns.
  13. yeees! that is so me! .. i know it's the dorkiest thing -- but when big brother is on, i won't even answer my phone! [but i have everyone trained to not call me during those times, so i usually don't have to worry about it!]

    .. also one tree hill! .. those 2 shows i MUST see the minute they come on! .. other then that, there are other shows i like, but i can DVR the others! .. those 2 shows, i refuse to miss! haha!
  14. No more, thanks to TiVo!
  15. gosh yes, im guilty of 24 nights!

    Modern Tecnology doesnt help here!!! Even with sky plus, there is no way I can know its on and not watch it lol! So yep, not many people who really know me would even call me at that point ;)

    I mean, Jacks saving the world, the least I can do is watch him do it hee hee ;) :biggrin: