Have yet ANOTHER scarf dilemma......no food involved.

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  1. I looked in my scarf drawer the other day....just a glance while I was choosing something to wear.....and it hit me that I might have over-done it in the scarf buying department. Don't ask me how many are in there...just take my word for it that there's plenty.

    So, I have decided to limit the purchasing power of the paw. Muffin is now banned from the computer and we are in scarf-buying lock-down.

    Here's the problem. I love them........I can't help looking for the oldies, I can't help trying to find the perfect color ways of the newer issues. And it seems that when it rains it pours....take for instance today. I've found yet another grail (in my case, this means it's vintage) AND a lovely colorway of a newer issue (newer meaning in the last few years).

    If you put yourself on a scarf-buying restriction and can ONLY buy one of these two, which would you choose?????

  2. Grail.
  3. s'mom, how bout you buy both! :P

    Then, you can look at them when they arrive, decide then, and sell one (eventually....:yes: )

    (OT: TRL, how's your mouth?)
  4. I would say Grail aswell; but, if you use them (and I think you do) they're a nice thing to collect....So, maybe you could cut down on other small H things, and keep on buying the scarves. You can always sell some, eventually.....:yes:
  5. ^^good idea - both and sell what you don't want...
  6. if it must be one - grail. if possible - both. too bad time tells which one you might love more than the other.
  7. Grail. But you have to look at yourself as a collector rather than a hoarder. I'd say: Keep collecting and buy both!:graucho:
  8. I would vote for buying whichever one of the two comes available for sale the least often. If I have to pick one, I always pick the one that's hardest to find, figuring that it will be easier to fill in later with the more common scarf. I don't know whether that will be your grail or the newer scarf in this case.

    Anyway, FWIW.
  9. I'm going to say grail, but if I know Muffin, she's going to get both!
  10. Most probably the vintage one, GGA. It's probably a sure thing the newer one will come up again in that color way more than the vintage one.

    I'm so hopeless when it comes to these scarves.......sometimes I just take them out and gaze at the designs. They are all so lovely! I simply need to restrain myself a little.

    oiy........restraint is not something I do well.....being a Scorpio and all.......
  11. :roflmfao:

    And if anyone gives you grief about it, you just tell them that a lack of restraint is part of your charm. And Muffin's charm too.
  12. Just say it was all Muffin's fault.;)

    Dang cat!
  13. Yeah........she's pretty much chomping at the bit to give that paw a little excercise.

    Actually.....there are TWO vintage beauties calling me.......oiy............
  14. I'll be a bad influence and say get BOTH!
  15. Purchase the grail...always purchase vintage before new....unless it is a pattern that comes up alot like Kemit Olivers designs or Eperon d'Or..

    Often you can find a season or two behind in the bottom scarf drawers of the boutique, and always on ebay for at least a few years past the original issuance.

    Oh..and feel free to empty the scarf drawer my way...I provide no fee storage for overstuffed scarf drawers....