Have ya'll seen this?

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  1. Wow i wouldn't pay 700 dollars ahhh.
  2. i seriously would have no idea what to chat about but hey, if you're a fan...
  3. I don't know a thing about that charity it is benefitting. I will be interesting to see how high it goes. Those shirts from Brokeback Mountian went for $101,000!!
  4. :lol: Wow, never saw that kind of thing on ebay before.
  5. I would be so tongue-tight and waste that whole 10mins anyway. And it's just on skype, can't really feel his abs or sniff him (he doesn't use deo)...just kidding...my husband always says he's my lover (yeah right, I like penelope she's gorgeous), so I forwarded this to him, see if he wants to have another deduction for his tax return. LOL.
  6. I know, my husband says that I would leave him for Matthew. I'll pass along the tax deduction tip :love:
  7. For $700 he better take me to dinner too.
  8. Besides my hot hunky husband, Matthew just does it for me. I'd turn Paris Hilton on his a*@!!!
  9. Ahh bless though, its for a charity. It's kinda cute.
    The seller also has, Brooke Sheilds, Rachel Bilson, Penelope Cruz and a few more!

    It's sweet.
  10. Do they have one for my Johnny Depp? I want him to be the father of my baby! :lol: Bf already gave me his permission to cheat on him with Johnny anytime!
  11. I wouldn't either! :lol:
  12. me too!!!but i would pay 700 to talk to him in person perhaps..hihi
  13. 700 = new purse

  14. Sex!!