Have/Would You Ever Call A Psychic ?


Jan 15, 2006
A friend of my mom's once called and they conned her into talking for 2 hours and it ended up costing her like over $300. The physic told her she would be married by the end of the year. She's still single almost three years later.


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
I think it could be fun if you don't take it seriously, and use it as entertainment. My mom had her palm read (fortune telling, but it's about the same since it seeks to predict futures) before she came to Canada and she has a story about how I'm extra special to her since the palm reader said that she could have 4 sons if she wanted, but she'll only ever have 1 daughter. I think it's one of the cutest my-mom stories, and this palm reader made it happen !


Feb 24, 2006
I wouldn't.

BUT. I had a weird encounter with one once....

I was at the mall & Sylvia Brown & her son walked by me...she looked me in the eye & I swear it was like I was electrocuted! The strangest thing ever...my friend was standing right next to me & said, "What just happened??!! Do you know her?"

It wasn't scary or painful just very very surprising...

I've always wanted to meet her again & ask her what happened...


H is for HOCKEY
Jan 29, 2006
I called once (just for fun) and they basically had me on hold for the first minute which was free:lol: and then this guy came on and asked me what my name was and where I was from I told him that if he is a psychic, wouldn't he already knwo that?!:nuts: :lol: :wacko:


I need more cowbell, baby
Dec 15, 2005
My friend honestly truly believes in them whole-heartedly. I'm still on the fence. On a rather sad note, her mother passed away about 2 yrs from cancer and she was really close w/ my friend. She so desperately wanted to have some knowledge that she was in heaven (my friend is not religious at all, she's stubborn!) so she bought us tickets to the John Edward show, Crossing Over. He never got to my friend's story so she felt really dejected. Then her sister booked her a private sitting for this Canadian psychic who had a 2 yr waiting list. She and her father flew all the way to Canada to have a sit down w/ her. She knew a lot of stuff that she couldn't possibly have known. Eh, I just don't know...


Jan 13, 2006
Really- (I do think a rare, and small amount of people may see things in the future/tell things about you) But- if this person had the gift- I wouldn't want to know my 'future'. If it was bad, like a buy/ go somewhere and something death defying hsppens, I would steer from it so it wouldn't happen. But then my 'future' would be messed up- what if 10 years from now, I was suppose to go to Belize, and get robbed, and doing that chained the reaction of finding something I was suppose to have that was good?
If I had steered from it- the good wouldnn't happen.

I don't like to mess with my future-
I take my life- day by day

That's how I think it should be.