Have we forgotten why we are here!

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  1. It is very disturbing that some of our members have become so upset with our site that they are leaving. Some of these members are very valuable members that have dedicated their time to this forum to help and give knowledge and information to fellow members.

    We are forgetting why we are here, we are here because we all have a common interest HERMES and this behavior that has been going around is really not something that we are all her for. I don't come to this site to see people upset or to read about drama and to bash people. I come share the joy that some of our woman here are experiencing. It is not about competition or who has what or who can have the most expensive bag.

    This site is about friendships "IT IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL" and if you have an iche please scratch it somewhere else! This site is not here for you to vent out on other members because you fell the urge to bully someone or send them disgusting emails or because your having a bad day. What is wrong with people in here!

    Have we forgotten rule #1 on Vlads RULES! Let me refresh your memories with the rule!

    1. Be nice, treat fellow forum members with respect.
    2. Do not call names.
    3. Should you disagree with someone else's opinion, settle the argument maturely.
    4. Attacks on other members will not be tolerated.

    Please let's TRY to keep this forum clean! It should be a place where we all LOOK FOWARD to visiting, not having to worry if a snake is going to bite!
  2. I agree... let us not be cruel with each other.. I, for one, do appreciate all the help, kindness, and support I get from the members here.. although at times a comment may not sit well with me, i do not become vengeful.. we are all adults, let us act as such...
  3. I completely agree, Bagg. Some venomous pills these people consumed lately. I will not hesitate now to report nasty posters to the mods. This is the only way. The Hermes forum has been very unique from what I have noticed, compared to other sub-forums, in that we have all been very friendly to one another, and we are all Hermes lovers or fanatics.

    I hope this place will be cleansed off nasty posters, and newbies popping into visit us, should respect the status quo.
  4. Agreed. The people who carry this forum, such as Grands Fonds, must not be run off. I'm going to bed now - I hope things will be better tomorrow!
  5. WHAT HAPPENED! I was gone for a few hours and came back to this? Please someone clue me in! What happened to Kristie?????

  6. Shopmom, K apparently received a nasty PM from a fellow poster (see her thread) and upsetted her :wtf: :crybaby: And this poster hardly ever visited us here in the Hermes forum ... only recently.
  7. I agree with you Bagg, the forum was not like this! Let's make it, what it was before, a fun place where ladies and gents came to chat about their loves of handbags!!! I hope Vlad, and Megs, can resolve this! We should also keep in mind that this forum is not ours, and we have to abide by the rules of the owners, Vlad and Megs!!!! Hopefully all this drama will stop soon!
  8. Attention all trolls, nasty posters, nasty PM'ers. None of this is necessary. This have really gotten out of hand here the last few days. I don't know if this is related to the last bit soap opera or not, but I think you all should know that we have definitely been "had" by people who are working with another agenda. Usually that consists of trying to "put one over" on an unsuspecting group of really nice people who don't immediately think the worst of anyone. These jerks get their thrills, in a sick way, by doing this. Of course we also have the people who are trying to sneak in their fakes, ingratiate themselves and probably try to sell them to some newbie who is still learing the ropes. Of course those types are all for picking up pointers from the experts here so that they can continue their con and sell their fake bags with even more authority or have them made to be even more realistic. Think I'm imagining all this? Just Google a few of the names that have been at the epicenter of the recent events. You'll be surprised at what you find. If our most treasured members are receiving nasty emails that are in any way related to these recent events, the senders should be ashamed of themselves because if they knew the truth they would be truly sorry for having sent the message. The saddest part of all this is that the "good" guys are the victims, and currently the creeps are still here.
  9. Oh, GraceKelly.....I don't think I could have said it any better. Bravo. Bravo.

    Yes....GOOGLE is a very, very useful tool. The truth is you can't hide on the internet....the truth comes out. And now those who think they've put one over on us are PM'ing our decent, knowledgeable and wonderful members of this forum. I wonder if you, GravceKelly and I are next?
  10. Well said Baggs!

    Rule #1 is always important....Be Nice! Lets all get back to Bags and no more unecessary unkindness please!
  11. 1st, I have been getting my heavy artillery ready for the barrage:P

    2nd I will quote someone I don't even like, Senator Hillary Clinton, "Nothing you could say to me could possible insult me." In this particular situation, that is my answer to any criticisms of my opinion!:yahoo:
  12. And they are just KIDS!!! Good grief. K, you better be back. You can't possibly be run over by a juvenile.
  13. I just googled something utterly disturbing. K, come back, you can't let that kind of person run you off, it's so... URGH!!!!!!

    We need to remember that Hermes is about grace and beauty!!
  14. ^^I know, Perja. So not our league. Sorry, my claws are out. I can't tolerate such ridiculous behaviour anymore.
  15. Perja eyeballs mrssparkles' claws and backs away.

    Niiiiice lady. ;) Anyways, it would be a shame if K doesn't come back. With Lucy and her gone, much of the sparkle and enthusiasm for Hermes has gone out of this board. Mods, please don't take this the wrong way but letting Lucy leave with ill feelings is such a crying shame. Her pictures were inspirational and a real tribute to the beauty of Hermes.
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