Have Vernis Fleur Lexingtons been faked?

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  1. I'm not very familiar with LV, and I was thinking of buying a beige vernis fleur lexington.. has it been faked before? I try to buy only things that don't have replicas of them floating around. Thanks in advance :yes:
  2. I have never seen one, vernis is the one fake I have never seen done well...you can spot them a mile away...it would be even hard if you added those fleurs on there.
  3. Yes, I've seen fake Vernis Fleur Pochettes a couple of times on eBay :yucky: You don't see them often though...
  4. Nope, my friend has an authentic one tho, it's cute.
  5. I too have seen fake Vernis Fleur Lexingtons on eBay.
  6. Yeah I've seen fake ones but they're REALLY obvious.
  7. Yes! They're really really nasty though.
  8. I haven't seen them but I wouldn't be surprised
  9. Yes seen them, very obviusly fake.
  10. Ive seen LOTS and LOTS of fake Vernis Fleur Lexingtons on eBay, ive also seen a fake Robert Wilson vernis pochette. They fake everything these days :sad:
  11. I've seen some at Ebay but It's very obvious fake..
  12. yes i did, when i travel back to China w/Panda pochette, one stranger just came up, briefly commented on Panda, and show me the "LV look book"! Not sure what you call it, but it's the one they have in store, blue cover, rather thick. He said he have everything on that book plus discountinued items......ewww
  13. Thanks guys.. so it HAS been faked?? Darn.. I was hoping since it was pretty rare, that it wouldn't have been faked. I'll take some photos tonight and hopefully you guys can help me decide if it's real or not!