have u seen this latest dooney in person?

  1. http://store.dooney.com/OA_HTML/ibeCCtpSctDspRte.jsp?section=23187

    I just want to know about the material. Is it canvass, cloth?? do u like it?

    If u dont like Dooney at all, you dont have to answer, I dont want this to be a "I hate dooney" thread. I love my LV mono speedy but I also like this particular satchel. I cant post picture as I am frustrated with the whole loading process!
    I was just going to order them online but would love your feedbacks first. Thanks!

  2. It reminds me of a picnic. Sorry. :s
  3. Hahah, yes, =P It's like someone took the blanket from a picnic and though it was a good idea for a bag. Not for me!
  4. That's why it's called Picnic! :smile:
  5. Actually, I think it's really cute :shame: I would definitely wear something like that!! No idea what it's like in real life though..

    What colours do you like? I think it's very striking in Green :smile: It would be my first pick :smile: Pink and turquoise are cute too... the black would have been perfect with the light trim :push: I don't like the black trim, it's too black on black!
  6. To me it looks like a cloth material, but sometimes its hard to tell from just a pic, ya know.
  7. On Macys.com they have the duffle bag with this same print and it says it's canvas with leather trim. I'd assume it's the same for this style too. It's cute! I like the green & turquoise best! It'd be fun for summer and easy to clean!
  8. I was thinking of getting the black. the green look cute too. they have the mini version, maybe that one would be good to take for dinner out. :smile:
  9. It's funny....I was looking at this online today! I happen to like some Dooney and Bourke. I think this is a soft canvas - not sure though. I think it's cute. Sorry I am not much help. But I am one of the few around this forum that thinks Dooney bags are adorable - I have a few myself.
  10. Thanks BagLadie! I know a few here likes Dooney and wish Vlad has a forum for us! I may have to make a trip to Macys as they have this line in the store already. I let you know whether it's soft material or not or whether I like it or not!
    I guess we LV fans has to hang out on this Forum now that the LV forum is down!:sad: glad to see more LV regulars here!:smile: Maybe we just turn it into a temporary LV forum!
  11. It would be a cute summer bag--so cheerful! When I saw the title, I thought maybe you'd posted about the great looking Dooney ad in the March Lucky magazine. I'll try to find it online and post it or if someone else has seen it, they can describe it.

    Back to topic--for a fun, casual summer bag, it's cute.

    I hope this works--this bag showed well in the ad, but in beige, almost a cream.
  12. I saw that ad and fell in LOVE!! :nuts: I'm so glad someone else noticed. Have you seen the bag in person yet?
  13. They are cute. They would be adorable for Summer and Spring, for an Easter picnic or any picnic or outdoor event, with a summer dress or vintage 50's style dress. Of course they would look cute with any casual outfit in complementary colors.
  14. I'm a dooney fan, but not really liking that particular design, but then many would say that some of the designs I like are "childish" (hearts anyone?:sweatdrop: ). I say if you like it definitely get the bag. I also agree that there should be a dooney forum as well.

  15. I saw it in Macy's and Dillards, and it's a pretty nice bag....really soft leather.

    And the Picnic bag is actually kinda cute in the pink....