Have u seen these christian louboutins???

  1. 5b4b_1_sbl.jpg

    They are the materna wedges and i want them so badly. I was just wondering if anyone's seen them.

  2. I have not seen them but they are so cute.
  3. Love that candy color!
  4. there's a seller on eBay who has some. reputable too. PM me i'll give you her name.
  5. i know who she is but she doesn't have my size:sad: thanks for the info though.
  6. they're soo cute ... good luck on ur hunt
  7. Cute eye candies. i have seen in NM stores.
  8. Gorgeous shoes
  9. :love: too cute I recall seeing the black or cream version on Saks I believe. I like those better. Have you tried contacting a CL boutique?
  10. that colour is so yummy!!!!!!love them!!!!!:love:
  11. i've called the cl boutiques and they have no clue what pink i'm talking abt
  12. I found them! Yay! if anyone wants them Jeffreys New York (212)206-1272

    talk to Eddie he's awesome
  13. Omg those shoes are adorable. love the color!
  14. Congrats!
  15. thanks