Have u seen mademoiselle tote in person? Do you like it?

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  1. I am just thinking if I should get the mademoiselle tote in black which is on sale now? But the problem is I've never seen it in person. We don't have one in our Chanel stores.

    So, my questions are: do you gals see it in person? do you like it? Any suggestion? Durability? Someone told me that the chain and leather looked not very durable. So any recommendation from those who used it?

    Many thanks!!!
  2. ppsam I was wondering about the same things especially concerning the chain until I saw it yesterday at the C boutique.Unfortunately it was not on the shelves but...a customer was carrying it who was kind enough to let me try it on. Let me tell you that apart from looking gorgeous it can carry a lot-that one was really heavy without losing its shape.I liked the chain not the usual design but the same impressive.Unfortunately my SA told me that we can't get it any more in Europe!:sad:If you can get it by all means
    it's the most elegant tote I've seen so far!:yes:
  3. I saw and tried one of the mademoiselle tote couple days ago. It felt okay on my shoulder and it looked pretty good too. But the reason that I didn't bring it home is because that the bag didn't look brand new to me (a presale item), and it is in that light mint color which I am not crazy for. If it is in black....and in good shape, I would have bought it.:P
  4. I actually have the flap and I think its great! The chain may not be as durable (chunky) as the new chain for classic flaps but it definitely holds its shape. Black isa great color too!
  5. ppsam, the mademoiselle tote is unglazed lambskin with vertical stitching. What I've seen and heard about this bag is that it's not made for everyday wear, eventhough it's a tote! The lambskin scratches very easily, the displays and bags I've seen have always looked bad!
    This ligne particularly did not do very well because of this issue. Unless you may not care about durability, this ligne may not be for you. :smile:
  6. Oh! Thank you so much for all your comments!!!
  7. So concerning the lambskin, do you mean that it's even more easy to get scratched when compared with that in classic flap???? Thanks!!!
  8. the lambskin classic flaps and the mademoiselle range are both lambskin, so in terms of one being more easily scratched over the other, i think they're about the same. I really like the mademoiselle range, and i reckon if you're careful with the bag, scratches etc shouldn't be toooo much of a problem. That said though, this definitely isn't the type of bag that's rough and tumble!
  9. I saw the black and I liked it more than I thought I would. But with that said, to me I would rather spend the $$ on something else.
  10. i offered this bag to my mom. She uses it everyday for work and it's perfect. lambskin never got scratched, you can carry a lot. no shoulder harm with the chain.
    This bag is simply great because so simple, modern and classy. you can buy one with confidence
  11. Thanks! gals, I am thinking of it mainly because of the sales, it sounds comparably cheap as a Chanel tote to me. So, your information are very invaluable to my decision...
  12. I looked at that bag in a light blue...pretty, but I didn't think it would hold up to every day use..I opted for a cerf tote which was not on sale, but more my style....:heart:
  13. No, I don't like it. It looks too plain and the stitches could come off.
  14. its the only Chanel bag i really don't care for............its not Chanely enough and is too plain imo
  15. Thanks!!! you really give me a lot of idea in my decision...