have u seen a perfect fake???

  1. maybe this topic has been discussed before, but lately it's been bothering me so much when people say im crazy because im paranoid about the authenticity of lv bags...even if i get them authenticated! im very careful when it comes to buying secondhand bags and even after i get it authenticated, sometimes i still think it's too good to be true...my friends and coworkers think im nuts and they'll make comments like "if u really like lv, u could tell it's real" or "u could just tell it's real!" and it pisses me off because they make it seem like i cant tell a real from a fake. they just dunno how good people are at making fakes out there! i heard korea makes the best ones and sometimes they are so identical even lv sales rep cannot tell the difference! unless i buy directly from lv, how willl i know for sure my bag is authentic even when i have been told by several reliable sources the bag is real?
  2. "perfect fake" is an oxymoron. your friends are right. if you can tell a real from a fake, then why still be paranoid about it?
  3. Just always buy from the LV boutique then yo don't have to worry!
  4. Don't worry about what other people say.
    There are definitely super fakes out there, but why worry from it?
    I only buy my purses from LV boutiques, so that's it's not a worry of mine.

    But if you buy from a reseller or 2nd-hand, buy it from a reliable source. HTH!
  5. I've seen so called "mirror image replica" bags from korea
    but they always have flaws here and there and if you look closely enough,
    you WILL see the difference
    there's no such thing as "perfect fake" - often imitated but NEVER duplicated
  6. I agree that you should just but from eluxury or LV if this worries you. I have purchased from eBay before and I always had the thought in the back of my mind that it could be a super fake. Now, I no longer purchase designer bags from eBay and have since sold all my eBay bags.
  7. There is no "perfect fake". No matter how much they try, there is always a tiny detail that they miss eg. wrong placement of tag, wrong lining etc... the flaws are visible if you look closely......
  8. even if it looks exactly the same for the first few days... it will start to fall apart!!! but anyways i've never seens a fake that is exactly the same as a real lv.
  9. There is no thing as a perfect fake.
  10. No I never have, there is always something "off".
  11. ^^ Agreed. I have never seen a fake that was totally indistinguishable from the real thing. Every fake I have seen has something wrong that totally gives it away. Even the so-called "mirror image" fakes are bad.
  12. Just buy from the boutique or eluxury.....then you have no worries.
  13. There is no such thing as a perfect fake.

    There is just AUTHENTIC and FAKE.
  14. Fakes are gross! None of them are perfect!!!

    I have to agree! Just buy from the store, then you don't have to worry!
  15. you should be able to tell if it is fake.
    because no matter what it looks likes, if it is fake,
    there will be something that is wrong.
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