Have u noticed your skin changes as you get older?

  1. I've noticed recently I wear less and less make up as the years go by, rather than piling it on wen I was younger. My skin has got a lot more sensitve. I can't wear foundation for more than two days in row before it starts breaking me out and trust me i've tried even the sensitve types. Now i just wear tinted moisturiser which i must admit feels much better! Does anybody else see a difference in their skin as you get older?
  2. Yes, I think my skin is more sensitive. I find the less I put on it the better. I think this is due to the slight rosacea I now have. Sometimes though thats not a good thing because this is when I need some anti-aging items (I'm 48). I just purchased a bunch of chanels items after having a makeover and ended up putting them all away as something was breaking me out. I was to put on after cleansing, a toner, serum, moisterizer, primer and then makeup. I went back to my cleanser, moisterizer, makeup routine.
  3. Yes, I would say so also. I find that the skin takes a lot longer to heal from daily environmental pollution.:tdown:
  4. Yes, my skin has gotten less soft and more "rough" on my face. It is more acne prone and I actually have to spend time taking care of it these days.

    I notice that if I walk all day in nyc and then just wipe off my sweat with a white cloth, the sweat will be slightly greyish... I suspect the pollution is taking its toll on me.
  5. yeah i live in london and the water has been really rough on my hair, i keep getting split ends even though i live a really healthy lifestyle! The price u pay for living in the city :sad:
  6. my skin was very oily when i was younger. it is now 'normal' but i have no wrinkles in my 50's! no sensitivity tho as others have mentioned. i also wear less make-up and use a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation as that is all the coverage i need.
  7. Yes, I do have to agree with you re. the oily skin. Mine was slightly oily when younger and now "normal" with hardly any wrinkles. So having oily skin when younger can be a plus as you age.
  8. My skin is a little drier than it was 10-15 years ago so I have fun experimenting with eye creams! Plus, a few more crinkles around the eyes.

    However, so far it's holding up OK. I have full, ruddy pink cheeks (still!) which makes me look a lot younger than I am. Never outgrew 'em! I also still break out occasionally...zits at 40, who knew?
  9. I have had to switch to richer and richer moisturizers every year or so in the past 3 years and I am only 23. I have also switched my cleanser and toner to a formula for sensitive skin.

    I hope my skin will not continue to get worse at this rate!
  10. My skin is much dryer. I used to be very oily. Of course I'm also noticing my skin on my legs is less firm and blah, blah, blah. Yuck. One day I'll realize it all just sags to the ground.
  11. My skin has become very strange, oily in some areas and dry in others. I now have an acne problem which I haven't had since I was 14 and that was 16 years ago.
  12. My skin has actually gotten better as I've gotten older. No breakouts, great texture, and just this overall glow. It could be because i know what products to use now?