have u heard of this designer

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  1. [​IMG]

    Aseef Vaza Handbags

    I like this bag
  2. I haven't. I actually kind of like that bag. I really like the round handle. Is there a Web site?
  3. :amuse: Cute bag!!! It's diffrent, so I would totally rock it, It's something I would use on an outing, How much is it???
  4. Thats a cute bag! MOre info pls!
  5. Hmm... did some Googling and found this at the Vogue UK Site

  6. You can find Aseef's amazing bags at Barney's NYC, Brown's, Eric Beamon and Catherine Prevost in London and Mix Modern in Houston, among other locations. Couture in spirit and timeless in essence, we recommend you check them out.

    i did find this
  7. I like the bag but the name is new to me.
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