Have u had an eyelash transplant?

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  1. I was thinking about it as I cannot afford eyelash extensions every 6 weeks.
  2. Ouch! I never heard of that.
  3. Ouch! Are your eyelashes that short?
  4. very, my eyes look like shrivelled raisons! :sad:
  5. maskd2003 in the "Asian nose jobs" thread just got it done, you can see it in the last few posts... There's also some videos on youtube of people getting it done! (kinda creepy/scary but it's good to be informed).
  6. I had short asian lashes and have been using Revitalash
    with AMAZING results. The tube is $149 but I am sure that is way cheaper than a transplant give it a try first, even my husband noticed and he usually doesn't.
  7. erm no and they sound scary and i wouldn't do it.... no risking my eyes or eye sight if something goes wrong. why dont u just use the fake lashes? u can do them yourself...
  8. yikes! I have never heard of eyelash transplant. I just hope you research this procedure very well because you would not want to go blind because of a botched cosmetic procedure.

  9. ebay won't send it to a UK address, do u know if I can get it in stores in USA, I'm going to be there in July.
  10. I've heard of those eyelash transplants, but the hair keeps growing and you have to trim them (which might look weird since the ends don't taper off naturally?)
  11. Ouch.
  12. No, but I've been thinking about it too. Looks very painful though.