have u ever seen fake CC SKYE?

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  1. I want one and Im wonder if its hard to spot? on ebay I saw very nie cc skye and looks auth!
  2. so answer sounds "NO"? :biggrin: thats good!
  3. depends where you buy it from, they should be easy to spot a real from a fake though. which piece are you interested in?
  4. as long as its a good price and leather/quality... i wouldnt care if it was cc skye or just a good copy. :smile:
  5. I've been stalking CC pieces on ebay for about a year. Most of the time the pieces are authentic from what I can tell. It wasn't until a week or two ago that I saw some that were suspicious and the price was super cheap. I just checked and I don't see them there any longer.
  6. well the seller has no pictures of their own, so from the looks of it seems real!
  7. if it is a necklace like the one on ebay you posted a link to, you will probably be able to tell by holding/examining the jewelry. the cc skye bag i bought has the leather/chain bracelets on it (they double as tops to the bag), and i can tell a fake one by holding/examining the leather/chain.
  8. so I should recognize it easy? I bought it and I will show you pics :biggrin:!
  9. mine is ~42,5'. I have never seen triple too!!

    looks not bad but be careful... If I were u I want to find another with no doubts!

    good luck!