have u ever regreted the size you picked for your LV Bag?

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  1. have you ever regreted the size you chose for your bag?:Push:, did u changed your mind later on, or if you had the opportunity to exchange it, would u do it..?

    let us know your story..
  2. Yes I bought the MM in Roses & in Damier Neverfull, I always prefer the GM size.
  3. I bought a speedy 25 but really should have bought the 30
  4. the only bag that happened with was the monty pm....too small! sold it but never got around to getting the gm....getting a galliera pm instead ;)
  5. i got a neverfull pm but should've gotten the middle size.
  6. When I first bought my gallieras I got the pms b/c it seemed to be the most popular size. I ended up buying the gms too b/c the pm was just a little too small.
  7. I bought the Monogram Totally PM. Then realized it was too small for my body type...so I exchanged for the MM. Perfect size for me! :smile:
  8. I should have gotten the Palermo GM vs the PM !!
  9. Yep, got talked into the Bloomsbury GM when I went in to get the PM, about three hours later, I exchanged it and have been happy ever since!!
  10. yep...bought the neverfull GM then realized MM was way better for me.
  11. Don't regret the things you have done.....regret the things you have not done!
  12. i bought hampstead pm, but i think a MM wouldve been so much better. i couldve used it as a school bag
  13. Sorda yes and no...with my Mono Speedy 30...that was my first LV purchase...I really wanted the Mono Speedy 25 but ended going with the 30...cause for some reason a lot of people feel that the 30 is the better deal(which it is...shhh don't repeat that I am admitting this)...even the SAs... so when I went to LV to try on the 25 they were like "Oh it's hard to get into...you will like the 30 more...you can't fit a lot in there"...well I fell into that trap and got the 30 and I like it but I always wondered why they even bother to carry the 25, if they are going to try to talk everyone out of buying it. Anyway...I am still going to get my 25...because I just love that little bag...I have been drooling over that bag since 1997...and can you believe that I still don't have it...mmm,mmm,mmm!
  14. Yes, I purchased the Azur Speedy 25 and after carrying it a few weeks, I realized that it was just too small. I later sold it but never replaced it with a 30.
  15. I sold my epi speedy 25, I found it too small and it was too hard to get in to. I still haven't got around to replacing it with a 30.