Have u ever had a fake?

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  1. I think it´s a good question, ot necesary taht u bought it, maybe someone that gave it 2 u as a gift, U bought it without knowing, an e-bay seller that deceived you, anything else!

    i´ll start:
    I started liking Lv for my sister. Don´t know where she started to like it, but I was green of envy when she went home with a Multicolore pochette. So when I was at school looking at a magazine, a friend of mine, told me he could get for me one of that "fancy bags" for a not so high price, and he claimed they wrer original. so I inmediatly asked him for a pochette gange. That was not so cheap for a fake, but I had a Vuitton bag! Of course I was thinking it was auth. I carried it everywhere I went, before I knew it was fake, and in the most embarrasing moments of my life:

    I was at the Lv store looking for a matching wallet and hoping I could afford something cheap with the money I was saving, and when I asked the SA for one, I showed her my bag and she said:
    -oh, that bag is one of the most wanted items this season...
    I was feeling like floating in the clouds, hehe..
    and I said
    -really? I received this as a gift... (of course I lied)
    -are u sure from where is it?
    -not really, but this must be authentic, it was a gift from a friend of mine and he has lots of money... (a lie, once again!!:shame: )´
    -Well, i´m sorry your friend is supporting conterfeiting...

    :rant: I runned away and never came back... thanks God that´s not the only one store. Anyway that SA is working no more in there. Time after that I purchased the real one, and i´m till in love with it.

    Wanna read your stories!

  2. Yes. I bought it when I was 17 for $50. I was going to throw it away but my mom wanted it. I'll try to post a pic of it when when I go home.
  3. I had one 3 years ago when i thought that they were so classie and cool but then my mom bought me a pochette accessories for my christmas and i realised that fakes are horrble, And i got ride of my fake and would never ever buy one again.
  4. never
  5. No, but I'm positive my moms (old) purse is a fake. She bought it from one of her friends stores. I dont think she even knows there's such a thing as a fake bag (I havent said anything to her). I want to get her a new bag.
  6. Oh, classic, when you are a teenager and want to look classy and sofisticated, that´s what happened 2 me. Thank´s God I realised at time...​
  7. When my mom and I went to NYC and went to china town... we were laughing sooo hard at all the fakes!! but any ways... she thought it would be a cute souvineer (spelling) to get one just as a memory... I didn't really care because later after that we were on the subway looking at her fake black mc speedy in the black plastic bag and we decided to go to 5th avenue and buy the real one lol. We went to Toys R US first so we could buy something and throw it in the bag, then went to LV bought both colors in the speedy! We laugh about it, she never carried it, it's in her closet right now. When we were looking for one to buy the guy said $100.00 my mom was like FOR THAT!! I can get the same one down the street at the other stand for $12 lol.. she he sold it to her for $12... not a huge waste but we laughed! I was also offered a rolex for $380 and then he kept lowering the price, finally he said $15... im like your some business man lol.. bought it for a joke... never wore it though.!
  8. No.
  9. Nope.
  10. Yes but it was before I even knew what LV was... this was back in middle school :shocked:. Now I know a lot better!! :graucho:

    NYC Chinatown = hilarious experience! While I was walking down the street some of the merchants were just standing there chanting "LouisVuittonGucciFendiBurberryChristianDiorChloe" (maybe not in that order.. i can`t remember :roflmfao:) and handing out catalogues of fakes to people passing by- it was too funny :lol::lol:.
  11. i did.. i had a wallet and a business card holder thing.. but i was like.. 15 and naive about anything designer. lol. they both were a "deal" of $30 for both.

    and now.. i apparently got duped again with the wapity. :sad:

    i know better to buy my own stuff now!
  12. LV agenda, breifcase, and wallet- my aunt went to Hing Kong and brought them back- but I only used the wallet a little before getting my croc one, gave the breifcase to my mother (who never uses it), and gave away the agenda- I am now completely clean!
  13. No
  14. No.
  15. I once borrowed my friends LV bag that was fake...but I was so in love with it and I never knew it was fake, I remember walking in to the LV store asking if they had this model in (THEY NEVER WOULD OF MADE IT IN THIS MODEL...its was a horrible shape doesn't resemble anything from any of their bags...)its was a tote style...and the SA kinda looked at me and disgust and said "no' and turned away...to this day I have never bought a LV bag from that store...Wether or not I was wearing a fake...I should have not been treated in that mannner...at least the SA could do is question me about it and inform me about it being a fake and offer to show me other ones that I would be interested in.......
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