Have u ever dealt w/ a ghost buyer?

  1. Have you ever sold to a buyer with 0 feedback? Then had no communication, no response, message or email whatsoever from the buyer throughout the entire otherwise successful transaction? Then no feedback??? :confused1:

    I feel a bit as if my purse (which I cared much about even though I had to sell her) disappeared into thin air! :crybaby: But really...more like a bit worried...I mean when we sell something we love or have to send a beloved off...we at least always hope it will be well taken care of or at least appreciated....kwim?

    Even the most impersonal "thank you" or "I got it" or "great" would have sufficed. I'm just a bit anxious about this whole transaction. :s
  2. I have, and it is a bit unnerving. Once you get paid it probably shouldn't matter whether you get feedback, or an email, or a thank you, but it does. I like to know that my buyer was happy with the item. Most of the things I sell are things that I once loved and I want someone else to love them too.

    Maybe we shouldn't take it so personally? Or, maybe the fact that we do take it personally says something good about us:yes:.
  3. Thanks for making me feel better that I am not the only one who's experienced this or felt this way. That's such an apt term for what I'm feeling: "unnerving"!

    This purse had a sentimental value to me but I still couldn't justify keeping it. I really don't think I would have sold it to this person if I had a choice and if I knew that I would get a complete non-response. This person BINed inspite of my disclaimer for those w/low feedback not to bid without first contacting me first-- and then paid immediately. So I followed through with the rest of the transaction-- albeit a bit hesitantly.
  4. Yeah I know what you mean. I do try to put a lot of effort into my items, I take clear pics, pack the items well, include a little personal note and email the buyer when I send the item to tell them when they can expect it. It's a little annoying when you just never hear from them as to whether they at least received the item.
  5. but a newbie won't have any experience of eBay etiquette, whats done and whats not done etc, don't be too hard on them, its a learning curve !
  6. Golly be happy you got your money!! That's the way I look at it. I think as time goes by you'll get less attached to your stuff. I've come to the conclusion that people on eBay are cheap and really do not care.
  7. I don't usually contact the seller afterwards at all - unless it was a super fab transaction with more interaction than usual. I do leave feedback though, unless I forget, which is rare but it's happened. And as a seller also, as long as I get paid with no problems after I'm happy.
  8. I'm also not likely to contact the seller once the item is received unless they had specifically asked me to and had been nice about it. I think some sellers take the whole eBay thing way too seriously. I just want my item on time, correctly packed and as described. No offense but your little note would go in the trash with the rest of the stuff in the box! I do however always leave feedback and I try to be as concise yet informative as possible.
  9. For some sellers, it is their livelihood while to some it is a serious hobby. And then for some, it is just a way to get rid of unwanted items. I take ebay seriously....I am a powerseller and for myself, ebay supplements our household income, and so I want to continue to protect and build up my reputation as a seller. Also I am fully aware of how many scams are around ebay....so when etiquette is not followed or something feels a bit amissed I get a bit unnerved and anxious that's all. But I don't harass the buyer for a feedback or cross any lines. I know some people are newbies while others are just ignorant of ebay etiquette or some people just don't care. But when that much money is being transferred, I personally think it is better to have a certain level of communication, even if it is very minimal, to build some sort of trust. Esp. when the item sold was for over $1200. not $20 or even $200...I want to also make sure they are happy and will not try to do a chargeback later as has happened to some sellers I am acquainted with.
  10. I think some people also forget that a lot of people buy on the internet because they don't like going in to stores and being social etc. They just want a quiet easy purchase with no hassle. I get that some people treat it as their livelihood and as a personal business, but they can easily get too involved and what can seem perfectly normal behavior gets blown way out of proportion. $1200 is a lot to you and me but to some it's not the kind of money that warrants special attention. Ebay is there to do all the talking for you.
  11. Your buyer might be like me...to me, it is "just a purse" no matter how much I like it, enjoy using it, or spent on it. You may have babied it, loved it, and appreciated it, but I'm just going to use it. That's it. If I had bought a puppy from you I might think to send you a note after a few months letting you know that the puppy had adjusted to the new home, but I just don't see me sending you a thank-you note or an update just because I bought a purse from you.

    I do leave feedback on ebay, but that's about it.

    I don't understand why you're worried, especially if you've been paid.
  12. I never contact the Seller unless there is a problem, but I do leave feedback. I only don't leave feedback if I am going to say something negative.
  13. I could see where someone new wouldn't get that it's nice to send a little e-mail or thank you. To them, they bought, they paid, they're done. They might figure out later that they're supposed to use that feedback thing in order to build their own record.

    On the flip side, I've had LOADS of sellers never send me anything -- did you get my payment? Did you ship? This includes buying a Balenciaga bag from Hong Kong. Hello, for international shipping of a $ item, I might want some information. I heard nothing from the seller till I asked. I always send a little note with the Paypal payment, and I always leave feedback, but I won't send a little extra note to let you know I got it unless you contact me with shipping info or put a little note in the box. If you go the extra mile, I will too, but I buy a couple hundred things a year on eBay.
  14. I get ghosts all the time! It's weird! They act like they are buying from a vending machine or something! Press the button, put your money in, get your item. I think it's the new age of buying and selling; no communication between buyer and seller at all. There are ghost sellers too; many more than buyers even!!!
  15. I have gotten thank you emails from happy buyers, which is great, but certainly not expected. A simple positive feedback would suffice:yes:.