have u a friend who copy cats ur style?

  1. i have a boyish figure and not too many friends of mine had. and i have a strange way of dressing that people said will only looks right on me but not to many people. and i admit, i kinda enjoy it.
    but lately, a best friend of mine seems to copy my handbags option. i was the one who told her about marc jacobs stam, and she bought it first (fake, but good fake) while i'm still craving for an authentic one :girlsigh:
    then, i showed her my edith, adn she bought one too (different colour luckily)
    before that it was my balenciaga, but she also bough fake. and she wear it often
    so sometimes when i walked with her with the same bags, like we wore our balenciaga, i kinda feel embarassed (i know it's not right to feel this) because she wore fakes and mine is real.
    i don't mean to be cocky and uppity, but that's what i felt. and i mean maybe it's not the fake that bothers me, but the same bag things, and i'm used to be different most of the time, it irritates me
  2. I know the feeling. One of my friends, who I also lived with, starting buying the same exact clothes as me! She thought it would be cute if we went places dressed as twins. When she moved out, I thought the copying would end, but it didn't. We talk about clothes a lot, and whenever I mentioned that I got something new, she'd ask where I got it, and go out and buy the same exact thing for herself. I stopped telling her when I buy new clothes. Now, I just talk about my handbags because I know she will never spend more than $50 for a purse so she can't copy any of my Louis Vuitton. Except her boyfriend bought her a hideous fake LV the other week :yucky: :throwup:
  3. Sorry to hear that.:sad: WHY would she carry a fake?(just to 'match' you????). Honestly I'll be embarassed to be with her too cos of the fakes. Mmmm annoying but I don't think there's anything you can do since she's one of your best friend and friendships aren't only about purses anyway. Maybe you can give her a hint ?:shrugs: Sorry I'm not much help. It never happened to me,thinking about it maybe I'm not stylish! Waaaaaahhhhh:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  4. Copying one's 'Style' can be a form of flattery. BUT, taken to an extent where now they are (more than once/twice) getting the exact same articles (bags, shoes, sunglasses, clothes), I can see how that would become annoying (if not a bit odd). For example, if you have a LV Speedy and they adore it, I think it's fine for them to buy a legit LV Speedy too. But if they continue to get each bag you happen to get, it could get frustrating and/or embarrassing (especially if they wear them at the same time you do). Hopefully they'll find their own sense of style soon. Are you close enough with your friend to discuss how you are feeling? Maybe some other PF'ers have other suggestions that have worked for them.
  5. Has happened that is why now most like 95% of my friends are guys, they would never do that to me plus I get along better with them anyways.
  6. This happens to me. It really is annoying...but I haven't done anything about it. :crybaby:I once got a bag, and this girl I know, along with her 3 sisters all decided to get the same bag in different colors. And I've got my own style in my group of friends, but it seems to me that lately a few girls have been copying it. You try to take it as a compliment and be flattered, but sometimes it just gets to you.

    I thought I was just being petty, but apparently, I'm not the only one that notices it! My boyfriend pointed it out to me once and I never even said anything to him. Another time, one of my friends pointed it out, too.

    Anyway, maybe if you could try just not forwardly showing her your bags or telling her who it's by or the name of the bag or anything? :yes:
  7. This has happened to me and if it gets excessive then it gets really annoying. See, I don't mind if my friends buys the same stuff as me but to a certain degree. I use to have a friend that would ask me where I bought my clothes, bought everything that I bought and wore the items exactly like I wore them. It got so excessive that I started to lie to her and told her I bought my clothes out of town.
  8. That is annoying....I'm against buying fakes so that's one plus you have on her. I just wouldn't tell her what you're buying or where you got it. It's ok to have some things similar, but not everything. She needs to get her own style.
  9. Ug...I had something like that happen to me in high school. This girl started dressing like me, cut her hair like me, even dated a guy who had been in love with me for years (and was still while he dated her LOL). She was a nutter but I also felt bad for her. She didn't know really who she was deep down and so tried to emulate someone else who she admired.

    The only thing I did was ignore it and eventually we were not able to be friends (it got kind of creepy). Good luck!
  10. The only thing that comes to mind is Single White Female....Whenever I have a friend that has something I would like I ALWAYS ask her if she minds if I buy it (or something similar). To me it is just common courtesy. An example of this is there is a woman in my office who has the cutest hair cut. So I went up to her and asked if I could get mine cut in the same manner. We only see each other at the office and both of us switch between straight and curly hair so we dont look like twins. I ended up going to her stylist and everything. I think its great to pick up ideas from those around you - but you still need to retain your personality.

    The fake bag thing would annoy me as well. Especially if it the same as the real one that you are carrying. :yucky:
  11. what i mind on is she bought fakes, and i don't like to walk with people with the same bags, and it fake... so it added up the situation. i don't mind if she bought a real one.
    she bought fakes because she thinks that it had the same look with the real one (MINE), well, newsflash, IT'S NOT!!! and what bothers me is sometimes she doubt the authenticity of my bag asked how can i get the bag in a fraction of price. well, i bought used bag, that's how i can get more bags.
  12. I know this is a very old thread BUT i must vent. I am EXTREMELY annoyed with my best friend now. She copies almost everything I have or plan on getting. When the Iphone first became available for sale i told her I planned on buying it. We were out of town at the moment but I planned on buying it when we returned home. She went and bought it first! Then I tell her I plan on buying a Blackberry Storm and again she goes out and buys it before me! And now I talked to her last night and she says shes looking for a bed set and she says "I think I found your bed set, it looks just like it" " I really wanna buy it". UGH! Now you want to copy my bed set too! I hate being like this but it really gets under my skin! I understand a little imitation, but when someone purposely copies you item for item it is very annoying.
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    Totally Single White Female. :weird:

    I agree with this. I think it is fine to copy elements of someone else's style if you like them - a particular bag, haircut, nail polish color - something like that. When I see a problem is when someone starts copying everything the person does.

    I am not in this situation but a coworker is - she has a friend who feels the need to copy and "outdo" every single thing she purchases. She buys a new red purse, the friend goes out and buys the exact same red purse with matching wallet. She buys a new car, the friend goes out and buys the exact same car, but with upgrades. Down to things like bedding and clothing - like what Jasmine K described. It is BIZARRE and honestly I would call it a borderline personality disorder.

    Again I'm not in this situation and I really don't know how I'd handle it if I were. The evil part of me thinks I'd start picking out random items that I have no interest in and telling these "friends" how badly I want them. Let them buy them, then I'd just go buy my own thing.

    With the bag chick, I'd probably do something ratty like buy a hideous bag, let her buy her fake copy, then return mine to the store so she's stuck with it. I would guess most fake bag "vendors" don't have return policies. :lol:
  14. Either it's important or you stop hanging out with her, or it's not important and you let it go.
  15. wow. another 4 year old thread!