Have To Vent ---bluefly!!

  1. Beware of the 'elusive' Maggie bag that is listed on Bluefly. I purchased it 2 days ago, followed up with a phone call immediately to insure that it was in inventory, only to have my order cancelled this morning. AND, as I was calling in to find out what happened, the sales rep told me it was in someone's bag RIGHT NOW.........WHAT??
    How can a bag be out of stock and back in inventory the same day??:nuts:
    I spoke with a manager who was indicated she was very sorry about the bag, however, there was nothing she could do about it........so frustrating. I just wonder if there really is a bag??
    Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be, saved me some $$.
  2. If you can, you'd be better off calling in your order next time. That usually assures me of any purchases for any store.
  3. In Bluefly's defense, I did receive a phone call today that the bag is available again. I've purchased from them before hassle free, but just couldn't believe that after calling to confirm the availability, that scenerio happened.