Have to show you my new Moni Moni!

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  1. What a SMOOSHY bag! There's no way I could get it to stand up in order to take a pic of it. I had to hang it! I think I could wad it up and stuff it in another bag if I wanted.

    It's really lovely, I'm very pleased and since I got it from LunaBoston on sale AND used a sale code, it was a total bargain too.
    Monibag.jpg Monibag2.jpg Monibag3.jpg
  2. It's beautiful and even more so that you got it on sale! Congratulations! :yahoo:
  3. cool! congrats!! which moni moni is it? i'm not that familiar with the brand, and didn't just see any on sale at lunaboston...
  4. WOW! Such a gorgeous colour!! Congratulations!
  5. Just beautiful! I love the smooshy leather...it looks so soft! Congratulations on a gorgeous bag at what I can only imagine is a *great* deal!
  6. Luna only had 2-3 Monis when I found this one and I leaped on it fast. It's called the "Satchel" Adjustable Hobo and it was on sale for $395..I got it for $290. :tup:
  7. Lucky You!!!
  8. What a lovely color for summer!
  9. what a beautiful bag!
    great choice!
    thanks for sharing!
  10. WOW! Congratulations on such a lucky find/purchase!!!! That is a gorgeous bag!

    I recently recd a Moni Moni Splendor bag and I luv it. It is sooooo soft, squishy and roomy. I was actually surprised at how much the bag holds (reminds me of a Baca in that sense - the "bottomless" bag!!). I think Moni Moni bags are really nice for the price - and I luv the look of washed leather. The bags never appear worn out and/or dirty since that's how the leather is supposed to look! I can't wait to see how the bag ages and how soft the leather gets!

    Did this bag come in other colors, or was this the only one like it?
  11. Wow, congrats! I LURVE smooshy bags!
    I'd love to have one in yellow!
  12. Love the smoosh. Love the color. Had not heard of Moni Moni before ... will keep an eye out for them from now on.
  13. It is beautiful. Moni Moni leather is wonderful!
  14. They had one in a taupey brown that was nice too, but I decided to go for the red. I'll probably switch into this baby tomorrow.:heart:
  15. What a great shade of red!